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From zero continuous hegemony! The latest web click list shows that videomarket is the largest online animation viewing channel in Japan. Its weekly click click list can well reflect the popularity of this week’s works. And recently, the clicks from August 15th to August 21st are officially published. Among them, the top ranking was "Re: life from zero", which had been holding the title of the champion before. The work has been on top for four weeks, and it is self-evident. And the second ranking is "love and heat legend theX", although it is a game adaptation work, but it seems to be very popular with animation fans. While in third, is a week ranked seventh in the "JOJO fourth: take wonderful AI indestructible diamond". In addition, sixth of the work is the "Olympic master", which was once linked to "SUNDAY of the weekly". It is known from the name that it is affected by the Olympic Games. In addition to the same sports themed "new volleyball women" also ranked the top 10. "Fate staynight[UnlimitedBladeWorks]", which has been broadcast in previous years, is ranked eighth. The latest network [first] Click list "Re: started from different world life" second "" third "hot legend theX JOJO wonderful AI fourth: take out a diamond" Fourth "Macross" delta fifth "taboo tattoo" sixth "Olympic games master" seventh "clockwork elf story day mirror North Star" Eighth "Fate" staynight[UnlimitedBladeWorks] ninth "Hunter" (first ~ 100th sets) tenth "New Women Volleyball" [source: Tencent] animation

從零持續霸權!最新網絡點擊榜公佈   日本在線視頻網站videomarket作為目前日本最大的在線動漫觀看渠道,其每周公佈的“動畫點擊榜”都能很好地反映這一周作品的相關人氣。而近日,8月15日到8月21日的點擊排名正式公佈。   其中,排名榜首的是此前一直把持冠軍寶座的《Re:從零開始的異世界生活》。這部作品目前已經連續四周登頂,人氣不言而喻。而排名第2的則是《情熱傳說theX》,雖然是游戲改編作品,但似乎很受動漫迷青睞的樣子。而排在第3的,則是上一周位列第7的《JOJO的奇妙冒嶮第四部:不滅鉆石》。   另外,獲得第6的作品為曾經連載於《周刊少年SUNDAY》的《奧運高手》。從名字就知道,這是受到了奧運的影響。另外同樣為運動題材的《新排毬女將》也位列前10。至於曾經在前些年播出的《Fate staynight[UnlimitedBladeWorks]》則排名第8。   [最新網絡點擊榜]   第1位《Re:從零開始的異世界生活》   第2位《情熱傳說theX》   第3位《JOJO的奇妙冒嶮第四部:不滅鉆石》   第4位《超時空要塞Δ》   第5位《禁忌咒紋》   第6位《奧運高手》   第7位《發條精靈戰記天鏡的極北之星》   第8位《Fate staynight[UnlimitedBladeWorks]》   第9位《全職獵人》(第1集~第100集)   第10位《新排毬女將》   [來源:騰訊動漫]相关的主题文章: