From the well-known women to Tongji nursery program members gathered 71 middle school for 111 years k9084

From the well-known women to Tongji nursery program members gathered 71 middle school 111 years there are a lot of Shanghai named in digital school, the first secondary school, second middle school, third middle school girls…… Today, the "campus events" are introduced which is located in Jingan District of a full secondary school. Surrounded by the Indus tree of 71 secondary school gate Jingan District, we all know, the smallest area of the highest prices, why? Because the lot is good! Is located in the center of Shanghai, Shanghai is also the most humane history of the region. Where is the center of Jingan District 71 middle school is located in the land of North Shaanxi Road, near Xinzha road. In this special geographical location, students will face a variety of temptations". A student shared and a small series: "the school was a bit hungry, a gate can smell various fragrant flavor, this intersection there is to do egg roll aunt, opposite the bread, remember to let aunt Gary ridge meat taste more beautiful; there is little Yang Shengjian intersection, go! It’s late! These are all small. Walk five minutes, you can reach the Wujiang road snack food street, a variety of delicious waiting for you. As long as five minutes, can find Jingan villa, a small alley hidden in you do not know the delicacy. Silk stockings are bought, the smoothness taste visible, taste a word of praise! There are around the town of Meilong, Isetan, Golden Eagle International plaza……" Shanghai Exhibition Center is located in Jingan District’s 71 middle school, surrounded by a profound historical and cultural heritage. In North Shaanxi Road Beijing Road intersection, Shanghai is the famous Christian grace church. Jingan stadium, Meggie theatre, Shanghai Exhibition Center, etc.. The Song Qingling Library in Nanjing West Road, where the members of the school often start there. Ruan Lingyu school itself has a long history, predecessor was founded in 1905 Zonta private school, the famous movie star Ruan Lingyu is the school alumni. The school has always followed the "laugh with Ru, with no Baizheng" cultural atmosphere, Guo Moruo, Xu Guangping and other celebrities have been taught this. Private school Zonta (now 71 secondary) school in 1953 from the merger of girls, girls Jingde, Yan Chong Shanghai seventh Mohs girls school, in 1958 changed its name to the 71 middle school, coeducational. Jingan District key middle school in 1978. In 1994 with the merger of Yucai Middle school. In 1996 the establishment of Jingan District’s first public high school — the new middle school was completely restructured in the 71 middle school site. July 1, 1999, the new high school to restore the original name of Shanghai 71 secondary schools, the nature of public conversion unchanged. July 2000, the former Jiangning Jingan District high school into 71 secondary school. 2006 Shanghai 71 middle school to restore public areas focus on complete secondary school. April 2007, the school listed as the 71 Affiliated High School of Tongji University. Although the school is not very large, but there are many historic campus protection. Small building unique style chic decoration, the administrative office, some community activities are here, passing from the melodious music mood is beautiful. The door with a large stone, engraved with Zonta two words. In addition a small building for teaching in the classroom, and air conditioning, alumni said a little high相关的主题文章: