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Hot friends "money": how much money is good at heart – Beijing – river network reporter Sun Huafeng National Day to come, many people look forward to happy holidays, some people are not happy, why? National Day good day too much, all kinds of people routeng received invitations. Netizen "rain" is that, during the national day to send out 6 red packets, about 2000 yuan money away, very heartache. So, in our Henan, how much money with the right? September 27th, the forum set up interactive topics caused by the river network resonance, many users believe that with more than a little is a mind, people can go to the scene is the best blessing. I disagree with the general comparison, 200 yuan on the river network user Liu Yuanming: I always feel Nabuchushou 200 dollars, but I still take only 200 dollars, you know! The river net netizen "Yu really": for their money, there is no standard. But for other elements of money, especially among colleagues and funerals, best unified by the Commission for Discipline Inspection below standard, shall not exceed a maximum of 200 yuan. As long as there is a strict law, people will perform and operate. If the parties act in the name of money, the Commission should be punished! Good liver pain, not to receive a red envelope reminds me of the river network user "brek": with 4 copies of money last month, marriage is not full moon wine, bread with bean curd this month to eat half a month…… I saw the invitation of liver pain…… What is the invitation, it is the "red bomb"! The river network users’ heart woman ": speaking with a really sick slot, usually in the office have never spoken colleagues, I even do not know what is the name of the people, give me a call two days ago, I said what is what department who, the national day I get married, you must come…… And then I will. Do I know you? Human, is the best blessing to the river net friends "happy feeling": generally 200 yuan, nearly a point of 300500 yuan, the money is a Syria affection, two with feelings of happiness in the process of happiness! Light weight friendship should be money, people at the scene itself will illustrate the friendship of the component. Netizen "Dan potian": river network marriage, relatives and friends and familiar colleagues only notice the relationship between the general people, even the invitations and candy also province. Do not like to receive a red envelope is false, and embarrassed to ask others, others are embarrassed to tangle for a long time to come and not come, why? So, who receives an invitation, must go oh, you may be more concerned about you to witness their happiness. The story of routeng ah, national day to send 6 copies of the red river network users "rain": happy waiting for the National Day holiday, can be capricious around can be looked at the three colleagues wedding invitations, think of hometown cousin National Day wedding and two newly born baby cousin, was a meat apical ache! The colleague marries, is certainly full of joy and good, must be "Tim box", put in peacetime, one by one, "Tim" should not feel what, after all, young marriage is a happy event, as stay together morning and night.相关的主题文章: