Freeze 309th the very suspect

Frame 309th: "the usual suspects" Blaine · Singer "the usual suspects", 1995 rated 309th, bring "the usual suspects" for you, in the police office, David · Quinn is asking the suspect has been granted amnesty "(Kevin Nugent slobber" Spacey). At this moment, standing in front of David Nugent, end up a cup of coffee, Sargent raised his head, looked at the bottom of the coffee cup, shining eyes. This is the important details of the film swept away, police David unconscious. Sargent explain to him what happened: he was off the night at the police station, which met Keaton, Mcmanus, Hockney and helpman. The five men formed an alliance in the underworld in the exhibition treasures, but unfortunately met the legendary Kaiser · Susie, be forced to perform a task, the ship burned drugs. Finally, four died, only survived "slobber" sargent. The bottom of the coffee cup is a big secret. At the end of the film, the accumulation and release of suspense at the last moment, fully and delightfully. When the answer is opened, the audience will be surprised, after careful consideration, may be even more surprised. "The usual suspects" won the Oscar Award for best original screenplay, which is not free. In addition, the United States in detective interrogation of suspects, best not to let people see your coffee cup.相关的主题文章: