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Fraudulent use of identity cards in 4 banks more than 90 thousand losses who pay? – Beijing, northeast news network September 20th "behave yourself, this part of work……" 28 year old Xiao Xing did not expect, will be the bank debt collection, but also owed a total of 4 banks 90 thousand yuan, they do not know. Xiao Xing think, think of lost identity while staying in a hotel in Xi’an in April 2013 PubMed retest. "The bank will not only give people an identity card credit card?" Missing documents were not assume any responsibility in accordance with the regulations, if the ID card is lost impersonation, fraudulent use and review departments should bear the corresponding legal responsibility, missing documents were not bear any responsibility. The loss of time loss, and missing a statement published in the media, he has done his bounden responsibility and legal obligation. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the people’s Bank of China, commercial banks to deposit accounts to fill in the application form, as well as the authenticity of documents, integrity, compliance, should be carefully reviewed. As early as the end of 2011, the people’s Bank of China issued guidance on the requirements of major commercial banks from 2012 to carry out account verification. Now the facts show that the relevant banks in the operation there are loopholes. Means of prevention is not difficult to effectively prevent multiple. Currently on the basis of the existing means of recognition on the bank, to increase the ratio of portrait photo automatic comparison, the scene of the portrait photos and photo collection card for automatic comparison, the accuracy is quite high. A more effective way is done from the source: identity loss or failure. With the widespread implementation of the real name system and the progress of the social network, the ID card reader can be connected with the management system of public security organs. If you are in the process of reading the card, the search can be compared directly to confirm whether the documents can be effectively used, you can give the parties to avoid unnecessary trouble. In addition, through the establishment of a lost or stolen identity card information management system, a direct comparison of the matching degree of valid ID card, you can easily finance, telecommunications industry and other institutions to quickly find the cardholder whether there is fraudulent behavior. Of course, this system is built, cannot do without the public found the ID card is lost, the loss of the behavior to the police in a timely manner. One needs to rely on technological progress to achieve witness one after all need to rely on technology progress in the establishment of information network, the realization of database or witness, at present our country has carried out the ID card registration fingerprint information, only the use of new technology to break the barriers to information, in order to truly protect the rights and interests of the public from unlawful infringement. At present, technical means of identity management, also do not report the loss of identity is not being used. Although the public security departments and banks, communications departments, although the sharing of data, but there is always lag, can not be instant sharing. Then, before the upgrade data sharing system, how to guarantee not to be fraudulent, the bank needs to strengthen counter audit at the same time, assisted by the relevant technical measures. This requires banks to take the risk of forced. Therefore, it must be clear that fraudulent use of identity cards for accounts, banks should bear all the consequences.相关的主题文章: