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Four year olds "abducted" or otherwise the police have been involved in the investigation of new network – in September 21st 2 pm, in Haidian Jade Spring East market, a 4 year old girl was taken out of a strange woman from the shops, businesses will find back to the adjacent girl, police rushed to the scene the woman away. Haidian police said, is currently under further work. Yesterday, a netizen Bo said, in Haidian Jade Spring East market, a strange woman to a girl abducted by parents, then was caught and the people at the scene. Friends said, abducted 4 year old girl, is in the market the merchant’s daughter, a strange woman while the parents go to the bathroom, to take you to find Mom "on the girls haven’t cheated, fortunately, was found out of the market. Close to the girls home shop merchant said, the girl’s mother had to go to the toilet, leaving the girls in the shop to watch TV, a strange woman came to the store and said to take the girl looking for her mother, the girl will follow. Next to many businesses feel wrong to bring back to the girls. The girl’s mother came back from the toilet, that just happened, after the transfer of control found the woman still in the market, so the chase in the past. The woman was quickly controlled by market security and merchants. Witnesses said the girl asked her mother why the woman took the child, the woman said he brought the wrong child. After the woman sitting on the ground to depend on it. Subsequently, a number of women will be taken out of the market from the police, was about to get on the bus, the woman suddenly rebelled, then 3 police together to control and bring a police car. For trafficking in the child’s statement, insiders said that this might be another reason. Police yesterday informed that the Haidian Public Security Bureau Yongding Road police station received a public warning, some trafficking of children in the Jade Spring East market, the police rushed to the scene the woman Wang (51 years old in Beijing, back to the police station for review). Haidian police are working further. Text newspaper reporter Kuang Xiaoying相关的主题文章: