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"Four" Beijing male wanted to make big movies to see Meng Fei cry – shower CP Sohu   entertainment; the distressed and a male Sohu entertainment news last night in Beijing Oriental TV "four famous" help, bestie all day long with novel and novel zouhuorumo lead to everyday life can not take care of themselves; Beijing wanted to shoot Male movie spent all their savings, still did not give up; timid daughter with superstitious mother, every day there will scare myself. The more Yuchi Linjia portrait interpretation of the movie, moving picture to even Meng Fei to tears trickling down cheeks. Bestie would prefer to remain single for creation with the idea that drama was the audience as the saying goes, "read a thousand books and novels, the" four famous "is a help to read e-books to walk the road of girls. According to the distressed complaints, bestie in order to see the novel can four months in bed. Two people living under one roof, bestie will read a novel while laughing, self-assured or supercilious, while crying, while sleeping together so distressed every day can’t sleep, "I want to get a beauty sleep was she said she was reading a novel emotional effect." All day long "Ge You lay like reading novels at home, the circle of friends often contracted bestie sports rankings of the last one, the amount of exercise the most exaggerated when all day long only took 7 steps. Distress also revealed: her dream is to have a data cable, a head attached to her, a toilet attached to the toilet, so do not have to go to the toilet." Heard such a situation, the names of the people who can not help but worry about her friends, but she replied: "do not need ah, there is a novel enough." All day long and the novel with the bestie creative strength can not be underestimated, she compiled a record on the spot to help the four famous as the protagonist of the emotional drama, just a few minutes of the story contains the incurable disease, organ transplantation, runaway television drama classic plot, a lot of friends after watching the call: "the idea too!" There are friends advised: "there are more than the idea that the real life story? Get out of bed and experience the outside world." Beijing wanted to take male movie, spent all their savings do not change the beginning heart middle-aged but hard to change the heart, male thirteen years obsessed with Beijing film movie, spent all their savings, away his girlfriend, nearly forty years, but often end up eating cold water Steamed Buns live, partnership business friends advised him to give up and he answered: "you don’t stop me, you stop me in the movie is the rise of Chinese obstacles." He looked at the film paranoid insistence, the four assistants have said they want to hear his story, "I think I should be the story is legendary, from the age of thirteen I was floating, now I can live healthy is a miracle." Such a description, Meng Fei bluntly: your story may be really legendary, but I want to tell you the ability to tell the story, basically 0 points." In order to further understand the main story of the men, four assistants gave him the director opportunity, Weichi Lin Jia Hexie Yilin consciously served as the men and women in the film, so in the "four famous" to help the stage for stealing money to his brother sister play accidentally touched the audience, Yuchi Linjia ‘sister, I’m afraid. "To deep, prompting Meng Fei couldn’t help tears."相关的主题文章: