Four attacks in the United States in the next two days or related to terrorism-tamiflu

Within two days of four attacks on the United States or stir terrorism related original title: two days four attacks on the American people stirred insecurity and deepened in the new network in September 20 Xinhua comprehensive report, 17 days, 18 days and two days, the United States of New Jersey, New York, Minnesota three, a total of 4 attacks, dozens of people injured. Among them, the number of attacks may be related to terrorism. Currently, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the police are investigating the attack, there is no conclusive evidence that these events are interrelated. However, in the "9? 11" fifteen anniversary just past soon after it bursts of multiple attacks, caused great concern in the United States, people’s sense of insecurity deepened again. In September 18, 2016, New York local time, suspected of being trash on the explosive devices exposure, New York city mayor Baisi Hao and New York Changan Drew Cuomo visited the scene. According to reports, the Manhattan District of New York Chelsea community explosion in September 17th, has caused 29 people were injured, the police investigation at the scene. The event: 2 days there were 4 attacks] local time 17 days morning, New Jersey, a charity marathon activities sponsored by the United States Marines along encountered danger, a pipe bomb hidden along the route of a plastic trash explosion. Fortunately, the start time for this long delay, the explosion caused no casualties. Charity run away, the police then found second explosives. On the same day, Chelsea, New York, Manhattan explosion, resulting in 29 people were injured, of which 1 were seriously injured. Police then found another 2 explosive devices, and its investigation. Cuomo, governor of New York, said the bombing was a "terrorist act" and could be linked to u.s.. Also occurred in the United States, the evening of 17 Minnesota mall knife attack, has been FBI as a potential terrorist acts". The suspect in the mall with a knife stabbed people, before being shot dead by police, authorities are investigating the motive. Extremist organization Islamic state has announced responsibility for the attack. 18, the United States, Elizabeth, New Jersey train station is now a suspicious package, the police were placed in the trash bag found a number of explosive devices. In the EOD process, an explosive device exploded, causing no casualties. At present, the suspension of train services affected by this incident has been restored. The survey: whether it involves terrorism? 19, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced the New York Manhattan bombing suspects identity, said 28 year old Ahmad Rahimi Khan?? with the explosion, the police are looking for him, and that it may be "armed and dangerous". FBI said Rahimi was born in January 23, 1988, is an Afghan american. Earlier, 5 people were arrested on suspicion of an explosion. The suspect in a knife attack in Minnesota is a 22 year old Somali american. Kouloun, 8, the leader of the Somali community in the state, said the suspect had been killed by a group of people, including Mr. Adan相关的主题文章: