For the first time to respond to ” hand torn ” event Oriental TV and happy comedy,

For the first time in response to " hand "   event; and Oriental TV "happy comedy" harmonious end — entertainment channel, October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Ai Wen)   October 13th, Oriental TV Center independent filmmaker, "happy people" comedy director Shi Jianing live debut 2017 Oriental TV, Oriental the entertainment advertisement will Beijing Railway Station, announced 2017 "happy comedy" will continue to broadcast on Dragon tv. In a friendly happy ending, as the day before, "raise a Babel of criticism of" breaking up "hand" painting on Harmonious period. Show producer Cen Junyi, as a close cooperation with the Oriental TV "phenomenal" new team, said Daniel Wu determined to invite friends join the effort to build a "friends". The "grand" wake up, "shaking", "magic group Almighty king" and other innovative variety show, Guo Jingming, Jay Chou etc. in depth to attract. In response to "break up": "joy" Look East earlier, about "joy" comedy third season "and the Oriental TV break and other news spread. Merchants will be the scene, happy comedy, etc. are officially appeared in the Oriental TV’s key resources to promote the forum. "Happy people" comedy posters and other materials, with a distinctive Oriental TV, happy medium LOGO tags. Oriental TV Center independent producer Shi Jianing is the debut, affectionate memories of deep feelings and their "joy" comedy and a bumpy road, the first official responded that he did not leave the Oriental TV, 2017 "happy people" attitude has not changed comedy program, will continue to defend the highest standard China comedy show. He also said, "happy 2017" comedy "innovate or die", people will change, the system will be more difficult to upgrade, the creative direction is more pure, more sophisticated production, "we love to do the show craftsmen, audience reputation and love is what we are most concerned about." Extreme challenge in Huang Bo, Honglei Sun, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, especially in the third season will be "fit again," said,, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, ID, and so on". As the Oriental TV "four King Kong," the phenomenon of the class program, "happy comedy" on a single quarter of the highest ratings of 3.61, the average audience rating of 2.76, becoming the benchmark for Chinese comedy industry. The upcoming third season system fully upgraded, inviting worldwide comedy star performers, aimed at creating a global top comedy feast. Wise people to "phenomenal" team to help out investment, has been called the "80 run male director" founder and producer Cen Junyi came to power, declared articles effort to build a team of friends "in the mood". With the "80 after the ‘running man," the general director of the label of Cen Junyi, has served as the three quarter, run it! Brother, director of the beginning of the resignation of their own business. Cen Junyi admitted that the first time to stand on the stage of non Zhejiang satellite TV, a little nervous. He said, "in the mood" friends have been determined to join the Daniel Wu, and Daniel Wu will be invited Liu Ye, Eddie Peng and other friends to travel, "I want to make a real, fun, a tone to observe reality." In addition, Hunan satellite TV "flowers and young" former director Liao Ke相关的主题文章: