For breach of privilege 4 people settled in the Shunyi Civil Affairs Bureau Chief jailed for 1 years-sugus

For breach of privilege 4 people settled in the Shunyi Civil Affairs Bureau Chief jailed for more than 1 years – Beijing, in order to let 4 children settled in Beijing, the Shunyi District Civil Affairs Bureau Chief Shen 4 has been breach of privilege, and parents of children living in the "packaging" into can not find the parents abandoned, and contact the adoption, adoption of fictional experience finally, in which 4 children in the way of adoption in Beijing. Shunyi District court sentenced to the crime of breach of privilege Shen 1 years imprisonment for 3 months, Shen recently filed an appeal, the court of second instance court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Four children were adopted to settle Shunyi District’s Procuratorate alleged violations, Shen from 2008 to 2013, served as a chief of the Shunyi District Civil Affairs Bureau, responsible for the adoption registration work, review the rationality of adoption of the review materials, put forward opinions of whether to grant the license. In 2009, the state issued a document to solve the problem of the adoption of children without registration, the fact that the adoption of minors in the settled, school, inheritance and other aspects of the legal rights can not be guaranteed. Since then, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau also issued regulations. Shen made use of the provisions of abuse of power, in three cases arranged for 4 children settled in Beijing. Which mouming know Shen 3 children not abandoned children whose parents, in violation of provisions for adoption, 3 children proof in 3 children settled in. Shen knowing that 1 children, illegitimate children, not abandoned children whose parents, the children hide the actual family, the children were identified as abandoned, which located in Shunyi community service center. Find a friend to act as the adoption in one of these cases, two have the same life of parents whose children were two families of illegal adoptions. Two children’s parents in 2007 by others to recognize the Civil Affairs Bureau, a section chief Shen, when the child’s account in Jiangsu. Two people learned from the Shenyang somewhere, Beijing now has a new adoption policy, children can pick up a Beijing hukou. The child’s parents moved the heart, I hope to be able to do the matter shen. Shen to find their friends in Shunyi, that is, the child’s adoptive parents, asked to adopt a child. Shen also describes the children’s parents and friends to meet, discuss how to operate". Because the friend has children, Shen a friend gave 30 thousand yuan, and for planning fines for the children to school, and told friends, parents is to give their children get a hukou, settled after a few years and then moved to the account. The two sides hit it off. According to the relevant laws and regulations, who can not find adoptive parents abandoned children, need to go through a series of procedures, such as in the local civil affairs bureau to collect proof, by the adoption of permanent residence of the neighborhood and confirm the certificate issued by the local police station to pick up abandoned report certificate, the Civil Affairs Bureau in the newspaper notice to find biological parents abandoned. All procedures are completed, will be abandoned for the account, the civil affairs department will registration. To settle in order to pass through the layers of Hukou, Shen began operating "layers of checkpoints, the first step is processing the false experience. Friends came to the public security organs in October 2010, said in July 1994, in Shunyi District hospital Lynn相关的主题文章: