FIFA – Chinese Football Association Football Festival-demonophobia

FIFA – China Football Association girls soccer festival held in Wuhan on 26 September, the newspaper reporter Zou Li reported: 2016 FIFA – "Live Your Goal" Chinese FA girls Football Festival held at the new town primary school in Hubei city of Wuhan province today. The event was organized by FIFA, the Chinese Football Association, the Wuhan Football Association contractors. The activities are divided into hand ball relay, coordination ball, Futsal football training a number of different projects, hundreds of primary school women’s football team to participate in the activities are divided into 12 groups, single training project after round robin replacement, so that many small players are exposed to different training projects at the shortest period of time. The event, China FA Women’s Promotion Ambassador, former Jianghan University football coach Zhao Lichun said: "this activity is to let more young people know about football, football, active participation. Today, more and more girls playing in Wuhan, many schools have set up a separate women’s football team, and now Wuhan has a new town primary school, Dongxihu Experimental Primary School and other 10 women’s key schools."相关的主题文章: