Fencing male god Dong joined the father 4 after 90 boys also came to the father (video) winflash

Fencing men of God "father" to join the 4 Dong force 90 boy to be father of Hunan entertainment news in September 28th after Tian Liang, Sha Yi, Cai Guoqing, Zhang Lunshuo, "Daddy where to go to" administrative micro-blog exposed a high value of meat Yan "father – China fencing team Dong Li. As the change in innovation network to play one of the 93 years, the high value of Yan meat will give father fans a surprise? Gao Yan overnight rose powder of hundreds of thousands of men of God "Adorable fencing Dong Shuai" circle powder foil fencer Dong Li value is the recognized, do not lose a public entertainment popular small fresh meat. Rio during the Olympic Games, the Chinese team, the value of the team has become a hot topic, Dong Li to 191 cm tall and handsome appearance of the sun in the team break". As a representative of the high value of the players one night hundreds of thousands of fans soared. Plus he in "happy camp" personal first variety show, saying "I thought who is buying fans bought the wrong, let him stay upright and adorable character undoubtedly expose, has since become a lot of friends favorite sports" new meat". This is the cross join "Dad 4", also let fans can not help screaming "surprise". Netizen: "big boy" good with children? But Dong still a force just after the 23 birthday of "big boy", as the former national team player, he usually went to the most of the time in the training field and stadium, opportunities for contact with children is less and less as can be imagined. This time alone with less than school age adorable baby travel, like dad personally packed children basic necessities of life. Rob the house, cook, do the task, feeling that each item will be impossible. You know a lot of biological father first is confused. Some netizens joked: "he is still a child, with the baby?". In this regard, immediately move out of Dong Li and love pink little friends photos behind. In the photo he half kneeling to learn fencing kids department line, that is a very careful, "Dad" style. As to the "father" of 4 combat tour, although Dong force of the "big boy" when dad is handy or helpless, looking forward to the October 7th 20:00 "Daddy where the 4" in mango TV splendid performance! Fencing God handsome appearance against big legs seckill stars相关的主题文章: