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Writing-and-Speaking FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Experienced, Over 40 Workers Must Redo Resumes for Todays Job Search, says Career Coach Peggy McKee Gunter, Texas April 9, 2012 – Job seekers continue to struggle in todays market. In fact, it has been argued that, in recent years, the job market has been at its lowest levels since the Great Depression. One group hit hard by the recent recession was workers over 40 with 20+ years of experience. As companies sought to cut costs, older workers with higher salaries were often let go in favor of younger, less expensive employees. One of the first hurdles faced by older, more experienced workers is writing an effective resume. It can be hard for someone with more than 20 years of experience to get their resumes down to 1-2 pages, but its absolutely necessary, said Career Counselor Peggy McKee of Career Confidential. Its easier than most job seekers think to edit their resumes to a manageable and effective document. Unless a worker was a CEP, CIO or CFO, most of their experience wont be relevant to the jobs being sought. It takes some research and editing, but the resume should speak to the job being applied for. Job seekers should think of their resumes as a marketing brochure. Instead of selling a product or service, they are selling themselves. Great resumes show your contribution by giving numerical data. Its the best way for a potential employer to see your value. For example if a worker was a manager responsible for a department of 20 people, that would be listed. If an individual was a salesperson who brought in $500,000 of business last year that is a valuable and essential statistic and should be front and center on the resume. Any jobseeker over 40 with more than 20 years of experience should visit Career Confidentials ( .careerconfidential.com/how-to-redo-your-resume-if-you-have-20-years-of-experience/ ) guide to an effective resume and let Peggy McKee help turn an average resume into a powerhouse marketing tool. Visitors to the site can also watch an informative and effective YouTube video, Advice for a Great Resume: Show Me the Money. ( ..youtube../watch?v=TFWEaXjuALU&list=UUUpIGr7JRwp0h7oieYS967w&index=78&feature=plcp ) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: