Even today, I have not seen to deceive Sa Beining You can snack bar!-jessica rabbit

Even today, I have not seen to deceive Sa Beining? You can snack bar! Strange every year, particularly this year, a number of X tear gossip show loving Oolong also did not know recently, actually also came a liar to fight fraud call Sa Beining, called the "child abduction" news. Fortunately, scammers are small and clever hung up, micro-blog, causing netizens hot. My little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) to say, this liar is hit on the muzzle, apparently no deception before doing your homework! You do not know Sa Beining and today, what qualifications as a liar… Let’s see what happens Enough for a whole day’s laugh! Yesterday afternoon, CCTV1 evidence "talking" column of micro-blog "Sa Beining time" Sa Beining Bo said, today I received a telephone fraud, the end did not forget to sell a child ~ the results of netizens comments and forwarding suddenly raged. Some said this may laugh there is a year to fill out a "teacher and brain law class of users and even fans laid the follow-up story plot ~ a day, a CCTV legal program micro-blog suddenly became a red net ~ three digit to comment, has also been a significant rise a few hours ~ powder after the column group said when xiaosa Strike while the iron is hot., on the phone and crooks recorded ~ program group quickly on the recording video, also bursts of micro-blog N users to appease ~" good evening meal afraid of course, see the video first eye sister (micro signal: entifengvip) the heart is laughing the…… Xiaosa in the video was made this lively expression package, style is not used ~ let sister some video, Sa Beining to the audience about what the sequence of events is the police, crooks posing, open call a rebuked Sa Beining traffickers. That was a kind of mold, the alarm time and place are very specific ~ of course, fraud is always a hoax, xiaosa soon tempted liar can not justify away Sa Beining this time within OS or even "too much", God really good psychological quality is the most funny ~ ~ a Sa Beining let cheater check "Legal Report" this column did not know this show ~ liar, also said angrily: "I catch you when I let you put in the prison every day ~" is really dumbfounding comments are many sister face ~ xiaosa at this time are the host of basic literacy full say North wets not Langdexuming even joked that Sa Beining admired liar mobile phone number also ridiculed liar didn’t know Sa Beining: Spring Festival did not read? Of course, more users feel that ~no Zuo no is a liar in die die program group to publish recordings also said that the so-called "Interpol has verified the identity of the protection of personal privacy also remind you ~ ~ really after careful thought it made a recording of the program group and intimate long micro-blog finishing the text version of the content of various pictures the style is elegant, no burden, follow the trend of the times is the first case of Sa Beining ah ~ then small and start the tape, also is the two full energy dialogue ~ the most amazing is that the liar in hung up the phone, still use the original number to call Sa Beining apology, sister.相关的主题文章: