ESPN Durant is like last season, A De needs to cut down on the shot (video)

ESPN: Durant is like A De last season to reduce barely hit a team of NBA film Warriors: Jinzhou mission: impossible impossible Tencent (the Kevin Pelton sports news August 30th ESPN senior writer) after the adjustment of personnel in the summer, the Jinzhou warriors will happen in the coming 2016-2017 season? Here is a look at the ESPN on the warrior’s scouting report and analysis. The new season of the warrior is worth looking forward to [Stephen curry back] scouting reports in the past year played offensive performance in history, and won the first in the history of 0 MVP NBA. After the dribble breakthrough, or after the ball, shooting from any one place. Because of the injury sequelae, his performance in the playoffs that he became an underrated defender. The player played the offensive performance analysis of Curitiba convincing in the last season. But he and three ball amazing performance, library usage and real hit rate is increasing rapidly in the use of the season curry rate as high as 32.6%, ranked second in the league, and 66.9% hit rate is highest in the league the first true. Curitiba, let the performance of warriors in the regular season history played the best 73 – 9 record, and became the first league history block MVP. In the playoffs, Curitiba luck has changed. On the injured ankle in the library and the Rockets playoff in the first game, when he in the series fourth comeback, Curitiba and because again slipped out for two weeks. The first game in the library after the return, he in overtime to get 17 points, helping the team to beat the Portland Trail Blazers, but he has not before the library. Before his move not as flexible and effective, which makes the library in the face of big defensive player is difficult to break through the dribble. Therefore, even if he is occasionally feel good when he and MVP when the performance is far from. In the final of the NBA finals in the 3 to 1 lead, lost the championship. Curitiba past have beaten the injury, you know, last season he most improved player of the year award also won the fourth. The library in the 2010-2011 season every 36 minutes for 4.9 three pointers, and to the 2014-2015 season, this figure becomes 8.9 times last season, this number increased to 11.8, and the hit rate remained at 45.4%, which makes the library became NBA first in the history of single season hit three points more than the ball 400 players. You know, no other player single season hit three 3-pointers to reach 300. After Curitiba dribble ability in long-range projection three points let the opponent to take double defense against him, this let his teammates get a better shot. And the library shooting, dribbling ability is his important weapon in his solid. Ligament injury also affected the Curitiba defense in recent seasons, the library has become a very good defensive player. Curry is a very active defender in the league, he steals last season.相关的主题文章: