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Arts-and-Entertainment Eric Clapton Tickets has released or taken part in over 50 different albums, either on his own or in the different formations Eric Clapton has taken part in his large career. Eric Clapton also belongs to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame three times: for Cream, The Yardbirds and his solo albums. Eric Clapton is n 53 in Rolling Stone’s "100 Greatest Artists of All Time". Eric Clapton started playing guitar at the age of 13, Eric Clapton was self-taught in his beginnings, when Eric Clapton tried to emulate the songs Eric Clapton liked, specially blues. At the age of 17 Eric Clapton took part in his first band "The Roosters", a rhythm and blues formation, for a short time, before playing with another band, Casey Jones and the Engineers, also for a brief period of time. Eric Clapton made collaborations with BB King, Santana and Sheril Crow (With whom he had a brief relation), and two years later, in 1999 he married a twenty three year old named Melia McEnery. In 2001 Eric Clapton released a new album named "Reptile", and two more in 2004 covering classics of Robert Johnson. From then on he re-united with Cream to give some concerts, and made lots of collaborations with famous artists and tribute & benefit concerts, being remarkable the one to George Harrison, and the release of "The Road to Escondido" in 2006 along with J.J. Cale. Now days he is working on a new album along with Robbie Robertson (The Band), with whom Eric Clapton has played some concerts in 2008. Eric Clapton has also been invited to play live in North Korea, the concert should take place sometime in 2009. Taking over Delaney & Bennie’s rhythm section Bobby Whitlock (keyboards, vocals), Carl Radle (bass) and Jim Gordon (drums) Eric Clapton formed a new band which was similarly intended to counteract the ‘star’ cult that had grown up around him and display Eric Clapton as an equal member of a fully-fledged group. The band was unnamed early on simply called "Eric Clapton and Friends" with its final name, Derek and the Dominos, an accident, by all accounts. Whitlock claims the previous performer, Tony Ashton of Ashton, Gardner and [Word Removed] mispronounced their provisional name of "Eric and the Dynamos" as Derek and the Dominos. While in Eric Clapton’s biography a different story emerges claiming Ashton told Eric Clapton to call the band "Del and the Dominos", Del being his nickname for Clapton. Del and Eric Clapton were combined and the final name became "Derek and the Dominos." Eric Clapton’s close friendship with George Harrison had brought him into contact with Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd, with whom he became deeply infatuated. Eric Clapton Tickets – NEC – LG Arena Birmingham, England Eric Clapton Tickets – Wembley Arena London, England Eric Clapton Tickets – Wembley Arena London, England The two parts of "Layla" were recorded in separate sessions: the opening guitar section was recorded first, and for the second section, laid down several months later, drummer Jim Gordon composed and played the elegiac piano part. For Further Contact call us on 0044(0)207494 3245 Or E-mail us on [email protected] 相关的主题文章: