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Energy Balancing Concepts Our Electrical Nature Some individuals enjoy long lives and robust health. These individuals seem to bounce back quickly from illness or injury, while others seem to require a long time and a great deal of care to recover. We attribute the differences between the healthy and the less-than-healthy individuals to various .binations of genes, nutrition, life style, and luck. While each of these reasons seems to explain many of the differences between the two groups, there always seem to be the exceptions that cannot be explained. A clue to those with exceptional health is our electrical natures. Our bodies run on electricity, and if that electrical flow is cut off or impeded, then significant effects may result, from paralysis, as in a severe spinal injury, to numbness or pain in an extremity, as in a pinched or damaged nerve. The Eastern practice of acupuncture uses needles inserted at specific points in order to promote, enhance, and maintain the flow of energy, or chi, within the body. This energy flow then appears to bring benefit to the individual. The electrical flow between these points can be measured with sensitive electronic instruments, which show a change in the electrical flow before and after the application of the needles. Each of us is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that cannot be perceived by most people. If that field is impeded or interrupted, then we may experience negative effects such as illness, pain, insomnia, or an extended recuperative interval. We can impede or interrupt our field as a result of a long-forgotten injury, a major surgical procedure, or a minor tap to an acupuncture point. Because modern technology pays little attention to the field that surrounds each of us, the energy flow’s importance to our health or recuperative capability is not considered. In this article, we will discuss how we have brought apparent benefit to individuals by balancing their energy fields and illustrate it with some of the anecdotal results of our work. BioEnergy Concepts Each cell in our bodies is a miniature chemical factory in which many thousands of .plex life-sustaining reactions occur each second. Each chemical reaction involves the transfer or movement of electrons between molecules and atoms. The movement of electrons gives rise to minute electrical currents and hence we are electro-chemical beings. In a sense, each cell is a microscopic battery. Our bodies require electrical energy to operate. Electrical signals within the brain and between the brain and various bodily systems sustain our lives. The electrical connection between our brain and heart is essential for life. The cells and the numerous electrical pathways within the body generate the electromagnetic field that surrounds each of us. The body’s electromagnetic field seems to have a very powerful effect on the body’s operations. For example, many individuals can be trained to do hands-on therapeutic touch. Sensitive instruments have shown that the trained individual applying the therapeutic touch emits a pulsing magnetic field that a subject’s field picks up, or resonates with, to produce benefit for the subject. Frequencies The electrical energies that help to run our bodily functions have associated frequencies that contain information about our health. Qualified personnel can analyze the frequencies associated with the brain and the heart to identify abnormal behaviors in those organs. Each of us has a unique frequency because of our unique genetic profile. Biochemists use DNA analysis to identify the specific individual from whom a bit of hair, blood, saliva, skin, etc has been obtained. DNA analysis allows us to positively identify one’s ancestors through a lineage that spans hundreds of generations. In effect, we all transmit information about our physical and psychological states, much like a radio or television station broadcasts information. Although the strength of our broadcast signal is weak in .parison to a radio or television signal, our transmissions can be detected and analyzed to identify and correct imbalances in our energy fields. Resonance Frequencies may be measured and affected through a principle called resonance. Radios and televisions operate by tuning a circuit to the frequency of a desired signal and amplifying the detected signal. The detecting circuit is said to be tuned to the resonant frequency. We constantly broadcast information about our health and psychological state. Everyone has experienced the presence of individuals who almost instantly make us feel secure, heard, wel.e, or respected. We have also been in the presence of individuals who make us feel anxious, fearful, depressed or angry. We refer to individuals as having good or bad vibes and this is much more than a figure of speech. We are, in fact, tuning in, or resonating, with these individuals’ frequencies. Our memories also contain the frequencies that are associated with the objects of our memories. We can recall the name of an individual who we have not seen or spoken with for some time, and associate a feeling with that individual. Or we can think of a happy individual, and our mind will supply us with the images of individuals who we remember as being happy. Using Resonance Just as it is possible for an individual to affect those in his or her immediate vicinity through his or her psychological state, it is possible for those around that individual to affect the individual through their psychological states. Consider the power of prayer: Numerous studies have shown that surgical patients who are prayed for are more likely to have shorter recuperation times than those who are not the objects of prayer. And the patients who are prayed for need not be aware that they are being prayed for. The power of prayer may operate through the resonance principle. Those doing the praying are holding the individual in mind while visualizing, in whatever way they can, the individual’s rapid recovery. The image of the individual is in resonance with the individual himself or herself, and the individual thus receives the benefits of the prayers. This is the way in which remote energy balancing operates: The individual doing the energy balancing holds the subject’s frequency and an intention in mind simultaneously. The energy balancer, the subject, and the intention are all in resonance, and the subject and the balancer receive the same benefit. Each being and object emit a characteristic frequency, which is subject to resonance principles. In addition, each emotion, belief, and thought has a characteristic frequency. Therefore, it is possible to affect an energy field both the physical and psychological at a distance and bring benefit to the individual by repairing’ energy impediments or breaks in the individual or object’s energy field. We can do that by working on a mental model’ of the subject’s energy field. The subject may experience the benefits of the balance that we bring to the model. Generally, remote energy balancing requires only seconds or a few minutes at most. Time and space do not seem to matter in a remote energy balancing session. We worked on the energy field of a 55 year old man who underwent a major surgical operation shortly after the procedure. Although the standard hospital stay is 72 hours for the procedure, he was discharged within 24 hours after the surgery since he required no pain-killing medication. We identified an energy break at the site of the surgery and repaired’ the break to allow the flow of energy that apparently speeded his recuperation. As of this writing, his surgeon reports that his recuperation is about four months ahead of expectations. In April 2001, we balanced the energy field in the sinus area of an individual with pollen and animal-dander allergies. He felt a benefit within 90 minutes and the condition has never returned. He remains unaffected by the high pollen counts of spring and can now be in a symptom-free presence of cats, which once caused him great sinus dis.fort. Apparently, the break in the man’s energy field led to his sinus problems and the repair of the energy break has allowed him to be.e free of sinus problems. Remote energy balancing can also bring benefit to animals because they are also surrounded by electromagnetic fields. We remotely balanced a cat’s energy field that suffered from an upset stomach. The cat was observed eating normally soon afterwards. Each of our energy fields seems to protect us from detrimental energies. The protective energy field is the energetic analog to our physical immune system. An energy balancer who intends to send detrimental energy to a subject will find it very difficult to influence the subject negatively, and the balancer will experience the detrimental effects of the intention. Therefore, the worst that can happen to the subject is nothing, but the person sending the negative energies will be adversely affected! Energy Balancing Limitations We have reports from individuals who have described benefits with allergies, anxiety, toothaches, back and neck pain, and joint pain. We have worked with teachers, nurses, engineers, managers, and executives. Each of these individuals used our services in conjunction that they were receiving from qualified physicians, therapists, and other health-care professionals. We have also worked with instructors to remotely balance their classrooms to promote an environment that is conducive to learning. Because we are electro-chemical and electro-mechanical beings, we need the attention and care of qualified health-care professionals as well. Remote energy balancing can be a useful addition to a health-care professional’s re.mended treatment, and must not be used as a substitute for the re.mended treatment. Does energy balancing work in all cases? The answer is no. Like all tools and techniques, there are no guarantees and sometimes the subject experiences no benefit. We are continuing our research into why the technique does not work in these cases. However, we are mindful of the fact that there are questions for which there may be no apparent solutions. Oro Selket / Vince Kaye Remote Energy Balancers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: