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EDG offers is not very tempting or not to Faker yesterday, we reported that foreign media broke the news, said Chinese has bought South Korea’s top players team EDG Faker, and for $4 million, about 27 million yuan. This news came out, immediately usher in a large number of onlookers, some believe not believe, Xiaobian this sorting out of relevant information on the Internet, and you master exchange together, Faker to EDG it, almost not reliable. EDG SKT and the Faker gap in this S6 competition is absolutely awesome, from the group phase to the final he spent a total of 8 different heroes, Carry team wins more than half of the economy, the conversion rate is also ranked first, absolute strongest single. But LOL is not a personal show, Faker can do so much better because the team mates, a bucket can hold much water, but also depends on the shortest piece of wood. Back to see the previous S series finals, won the championship team basically no short board or short board is not obvious. S2 TPA, S3 SKT, S4 SSW, S5 SKT, they have a kind of let the opponent can not find out the feeling, but the S6 SKT has no feeling, but the team lost a bureau, eight lost a bureau, a total of four semi-finals and finals losing, even at the risk of lose the championship. This situation is not common for the title, Faker, Bang and Duke are the best player in the world, even in the SKT lineup so powerful, as long as the Blank experience is not a play, they are very dangerous, it is a small said concrete manifestation of "cask effect". It is precisely because of this, the combination of EDG and Faker may not achieve the desired effect, here is not in black who, but the reality of the real problem. Moreover, the factory director bitter brush style is likely to be unable to adapt to Faker. Through the SKT game we found that although the objective strength and director of Blank combined with Faker be roughly the same, but apparently a lot of problems, it will be coming out until the veteran Bengi stability. If you really come to EDG, in case of a state of instability with the director of the factory, the probability of winning the world championship must be very slim. Moreover, there have been rumors that Faker wants to team with Bengi, unless the EDG to buy a two Korean aid, but also to take into account the director, as well as the existing problems of Korean aid, the more I think the less likely…… EDG tactics and Faker conflict in the entire S6, SKT most of the time will be in the single core, which also allows Faker to develop in a more comfortable environment. But since EDG S4 team began the following road as the core, then the EDG is the first four Nami Paul a typical, S5 period, EDG will once again under way Deft as a core team, from the wild in almost all linkage tactics to ensure the development of the alpaca. The fundamental reason for this is that they are very thorough understanding of the way the core play, coach Abu since S2)相关的主题文章: