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East Lake Road near the east gate of Wuhan University found that East Lake road bridge arch bridge was built in 1930 1932, reporter Wan Jianhui photo photo Liu Wenxiang before the arch bridge, history of Wuhan University doctoral student Liu Wenxiang Wuhan University in East Lake Road near the east gate, built in 1930, found a bridge called the "city of Wuhan was built before the war and the few extant preserved the real bridge". Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter with Liu Wenxiang came to see the arch bridge, arch bridge as part of South East Lake, is still in play, the deck is asphalt pavement, masonry, arches, railings visible part of red brick on the cast of "Fuchengmen bridge", out of the Luojiashan to East Lake water. Liu Wenxiang said, this bridge is a single arch stone arch bridge arch brick coupons, made of red bricks, the local Luojiashan of stone masonry. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Hanyang gold mouth along the Han River with "Fuchengmen brick and tile factory, the factory with a great reputation in modern Wuhan. Access to historical data, Liu Wenxiang found that the bridge has repeatedly appeared in the period of the Republic of China Wuhan University graduate alumni, published in 1932, Wuhan University, the first graduating classmates, the bridge called willow bridge". Liu Wenxiang access to relevant Wuda, Luojiashan 1929 and 1929 drew the map of 1930, Wu new school planning general plan is not planning to repair the road, but in 1930 the Wuda Luojiashan new campus plan, this road has been through the lake, called Lake Road "(now East Lake road in Hashi Shu, formerly) this road. So the bridge was built in 1930 to determine. Liu Wenxiang said that after the founding of new China, East Lake road widening, the bridge on the west side of the fence was removed, and the overall expansion of the west half of the east side of the fence is still retained, the bridge from the east side is still exposed, well preserved. "The entire East Lake road along the bridge, or is the only one original building of the Republic of china." (reporter Wan Jianhui)相关的主题文章: