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Eason Chan to sing "Tony Leung Kaneshiro Takeshi" ferryman AB for love – "the ferryman entertainment Sohu to" love Edition Poster: Eason Chan & Angelababy Tony Leung and Kaneshiro Takeshi and Rongrong Zhang relationship, the cuckoo unveiled [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news produced by Wong Kar Wai, directed by Zhang Jiajia’s new year’s romantic comedy "the ferryman" will be December 23, 2016 national release. The day before, the film side released the film version of love theme song "let me stay with you", surprise, the theme song of the singer is played in the movie Eason Chan horsepower. With the exposure of MV, Tony Leung and cuckoo, the relationship between the three characters of the relationship between Kaneshiro Takeshi and Angelababy, Eason Chan and also unveiled. The theme song of the warm heart of the lyrics, indicates that the "ferry" is to accompany you to pass through the entrance of life, and a "you this life, there is no life for others to fight" is taken out of "Ren" as the meaning of love desperately.     "you this life, not for others to fight over the life of Eason Chan with love warm MV, accompanied by Eason Chan crooning, Chen (Tony Leung), at the end of the spring tube (Kaneshiro Takeshi), He Muzi (Du Juanshi), Maomao (Rongrong Zhang ornaments), jade (Angelababy) unveiled. Or affectionate look, or contemplation. Different from the carnival like the first promo, MV in each role are in different stages of feelings: whether to marry Muzi Chen at the end of spring tube always drizzle, or for HP and desperate in the interpretation of "Xiaoyu, let me stay in your side of the concept of". Eason Chan said in an interview before the song "very aggressive, inspiring, and it will make everyone feel experienced" a lot of emotion, a lot of memories, a lot of fragment". This is what Tony Leung said: all the regret, you will find the answer in "the ferryman" in this movie; all the happiness, you will find the shadow in this movie. "The road, no end, only the intersection of the ferryman to accompany you against the painful things such as books, I prefer this one you would like to be a comma, stay at your feet. But you have to read, but I’m just a ferryman." In the novel "the ferryman" to accompany the drowning person ashore, not return. In the movie "the ferryman" is in every intersection to accompany you through life, just like the song to sing: "may fall, may be ordinary, perhaps this ordinary black and white world you do not understand. The intersection of all life, is not the end, don’t be afraid, let me stay with you, accompany you through". "The ferryman" director Zhang Jiajia said: after watching this movie in the future life in the face of difficulties, in the face of some can’t resist the suffering, you can use the film as a support force, there you go. New year love comedy "the ferryman" will be officially released in December 23, 2016.相关的主题文章: