Double 11 online shopping strategy! Choose air purifier, don’t just stare at the price sopor aeternus

Double 11 online shopping strategy! Buy air purifier, not just staring at the price of double 11 online shopping purifier may encounter what pit? Virtual standard prices (the first price and then the price of gifts) do not enjoy three bags of ultra low-cost promotions (old product clearance) each year during the double 11 will have to carry out promotional activities for many platforms, often buy appliances must be aware of friends, to a large-scale promotional activities, some of the price of goods is particularly attractive, great promotion to people sleep is in the bargain. In fact, this is a business promotion means, the price difference from the other side of the consumer’s desire to buy, but when you buy is not out of stock, is often out of the wrong board situation. If you want to start the air purifier during the double 11, you may wish to buy more than three, in a number of large electronic business platform, offline shopping channels contrast prices, and then decide whether to buy their own. How to choose a good air purifier? Well, how do you define it? Good enough is good! Good, not expensive! Not a lot of functions, because online shopping cheaper than the line, but also delivery home, so more and more users are accustomed to online shopping. Double 11 is a good sales node, if it is a big brand’s product promotion, it is worth buying. In March 1st this year, the formal implementation of the new national standard air purifier, which is a good thing for a technology company, because of the impact of the new standard of them is relatively small, but for small businesses, may be a serious test, may be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. During the delisting period, these enterprises may again use various holidays to promote products. Just double 11 is a burst point, some brands may carry out clearance activities, sell old products at low prices. It is suggested that consumers should not only look at the price, but also look at the production date, CADR value, CCM value, energy efficiency and noise of the products when choosing air purifiers, and try to choose Beijing energy saving subsidies, the new national standard products. Filter type purifier & electrostatic integration type, who is better? One has the cost of replacing the filter later, the other has the probability of leakage of ozone, rational selection of air purifiers according to the demand, there is little universal type, consumers should choose according to actual needs. Try to choose professional air purifier brand. Because these long-term research and development of air and clean products, technology and philosophy are more advanced, purification effect is more secure, is an ideal choice. If it is a new decoration housing, it is necessary to choose formaldehyde and benzene and other organic purification products strong, if it is a house for many years, the family has a child, the elderly, you need to focus on the bactericidal effect. If it is intended to use during the haze period, then choose the high value of CADR products is better. HEPA net type air purifier can filter out the pollutants in the air, small particles can not pass. They need to be cleaned or replaced regularly, with the cost of replacing the filter later. If the cost of the replacement material is too high later, it is recommended to order carefully; the electrostatic air cleaner can filter the dust and smoke smaller than the cell. However, the electrode boards of these products need to be manually cleaned regularly, and some brands will be harmful to the human body if the ozone release is not well controlled. Everyone in the purchase of purifiers, it is recommended for their own needs.

双11网购攻略!选购空气净化器别只盯着价格  双11网购净化器可能会遇到哪些坑?  虚标价格(先涨价再降价) 赠品不享受三包 超低价促销(老产品清仓)  每年双11期间都会有很多平台进行促销活动,经常选购家电的朋友一定知道,一到大型促销活动,一些商品的标价就特别诱人,大力度的促销活动让人觉是在得捡便宜。其实,这是商家的一种促销手段,价格差会从另一面勾起消费者的购买欲,但是你买的时候不是没货,就是经常出现货不对板的情况。如果你在双11期间想入手空气净化器,不妨货比三家,在多个大型电商平台、线下卖场渠道对比价格之后,再决定自己是否购买。  如何选购一台好用的空气净化器?  好怎么定义?够用就是好!好并不是价高!更不是功能繁多  因为网购比线下便宜,还送货到家,所以,越来越有很多用户都习惯网购。双11是一个很好的销售节点,如果是大品牌旗下的产品促销,还是值得买的。今年3月1日,空气净化器新国标正式实施,这对于有技术研发的公司来说是一件好事,因为新标准对它们的冲击比较小,但对于小企业来说,可能是严重的考验,或许会被大浪淘沙。在退市期间,这些企业可能会再次借助各种节假日进行产品促销。刚好双11是一个爆点,一些品牌可能会进行清仓活动,低价销售老产品。建议消费者在选购空气净化器时,不要只看价格,也得看看产品的生产日期,CADR值、CCM值、能效和噪音等情况,尽量选择有北京节能补贴的,新国标产品。  滤网型净化器&静电集成型谁更好?  一个有后期更换滤网成本,另一个有泄露臭氧几率,理性按需求选购  空气净化器很少有万能型的,消费者应该根据实际需求选择。尽量选择专业级的空气净化器品牌。因为这些长期研发空净类产品,技术和理念都比较先进,净化效果更有保障,是比较理想的选择。如果是新装修房屋,就要选择对甲醛和苯等有机物净化能力强的产品,如果是居住多年的房子,家里有小孩老人,则需要侧重于杀菌效果。如果是打算再雾霾期间使用,那么,选择CADR值高的产品为佳。  HEPA网型空气净化器能够过滤掉空气中的污染物,细小的颗粒无法通过。它们需定期清洁或更换,有后期更换滤网成本,如果后期更换耗材价格太高,建议慎重下单;静电式空气净化器能够过滤比细胞还小的粉尘、烟雾。不过,这类产品的电极板需要定期手工清洁,有的品牌如果对臭氧释放控制不好,容易对人体产生伤害。大家在选购净化器时,建议针对自己的需求、预算、考虑性价比、品牌和售后等情况进行选购为佳。  双十一选购空气净化器注意五点  大型电商平台,正品行货,节能补贴型号,售后服务好,新国标产品  双11期间,大家在选购空气净化器时,别被惊爆价、狂欢价等字眼弄懵了。最好是提前关注想要选购产品的价格,等到双11在看最终售价。选择在大型电商平台、购买人数多的产品选购正品行货、选购节能补贴型号、售后服务好或者新国标产品为佳。相关的主题文章: