Donnie Yen happy movie did not play look forward to cooperation with Andy Lau candy candy

Donnie Yen did not play happy new Andy Lau Donnie Yen Lee Cathy Chui, looking forward to cooperation Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 27th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Donnie Yen [micro-blog] yesterday (September 26th) to attend the "save the children Hongkong" activities and socialite Lee Cathy Chui, officially announced that he will serve as the ambassador. Who will the patronage Lee Cathy Chui said, wanted to find a more understanding and caring person as ambassador, want to think of Donnie Yen, he also promised. Donnie Yen’s visit to Guangzhou on the activities of the flow of children to visit the fragments, and Lee on behalf of the small girl on behalf of his visit to the painting of a painting for him to do the work of the young girl on behalf of Mr. Cathy Chui, Donnie Yen. Donnie Yen Lee Cathy Chui invited ambassador Donnie Yen said this is Mrs. Lee Cathy Chui through Wang Shishi invited him as ambassador, he heard immediately obligatory promise; if time permits, he is willing to participate in the charity activities, help to help. At the beginning of September had to participate in Guangzhou visits him, hoping to later have time to Yunnan and other places to visit. He said he hoped that he would be able to visit the same children in the future Said Donnie Yen had to take their children to visit shamsuuipo low income families and new immigrants, this time because they failed to walk to school. He and his wife usually finish charity activities, will also take pictures to go home to share with the children: remind them how happy, and now have the material and conditions of life must cherish." Share experience visits cry about the trip to Guangzhou. Her daughter moved, Donnie Yen has visited a 10 year old sister, see the other side of the living environment, and to understand the living conditions after feel sad, he said: "she is a family of five living in the factory, only clapboard, usually is the most interesting place go to the library, but also do not often go to, to help take up two younger siblings, she said she wanted to draw a picture for me, but see her tools are very old. After we cooked, she knew I was going to be very reluctant, as if to cry, I will embrace her." Donnie Yen will tell the children to listen to these experiences, my daughter heard eyes wet, son usually is naughty, but also very caring. Love of self challenge Donnie Yen also revealed earlier in Thailand shooting a new movie "chasing the dragon", took two weeks, so skin tanned a lot, tomorrow begins filming in Hongkong. Asked to play without a heart can itch? He smiled and said: "no, no more happy! Is a new challenge, I love to challenge myself as an artist, to have the courage and the courage to progress." He also said he was looking forward to working with Andy Lau for the first time. (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章: