Dog suffering behind the human the United States has a dog license-plants war

"Dog suffering" behind the governance of the "human": the United States has a dog "license plate" – the Chinese people often say: the dog is a faithful friend of mankind. But these "friends" seem to be crazy. Some time ago, Beijing Chaoyang District occurred in the vicinity of mad dog bite incident, the police continued to search the ownerless dogs, 10 injured were rushed to hospital. Previously, Beijing has been bitten by a dog bite incident, at least 12 people were bitten. The mad wounding event once again raised the masses hot. People began to think about how to guard against the "dog suffering", so that the human and the animals of the friendship between these animals to continue in safety. In fact, keeping a dog is a global activity. Human beings have a long history of coexistence with dogs, and now all over the world there are people who love dogs very much. So, how do the rest of the world deal with the problem of urban dogs? Is there any experience that we can learn from? Let the dog run free Canada is illegal in Canada is a country without wearing a collar with much land and few people and ropes, personnel distribution is relatively loose. Different from the crowded buildings in China, the residents living conditions, the Canadian residential areas tend to be more relaxed. In this context, the risk of suffering from the dog has been a lot smaller. Nevertheless, the Canadian national and local government departments have jointly issued a series of strict laws and regulations to regulate the problem of pet dogs. Initially, these Regulations are often relatively general issues. But with the continuous efforts of residents and legislative staff, they are a step by step development provides very detailed provisions to improve, including City pet dog breeding aspects, and strive to fully eliminate the "dog suffering" risk. Located in the coastal province of Canada Bren Stryker is a very representative example. This is a very suitable to go out for a walk and outdoor sports provinces, due to the near the Atlantic, pleasant climate, the city most of sea breeze blowing. As a result, people living here enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Dog owners will allow the dog to have a breath of fresh air together. But these dogs only wearing a collar and rope walk together with the owner, and can not run in the wind. Because the province has established a very detailed legal provisions to pet dog out of the question. To let the dog running free is not only civilization not to wear a collar, or illegal. The first time for the Bren Stryker province legislative dog problem, has made a very clearly defined. "Any dog owners are not let his dog run freely in the outer wear collar and rope." However, this is still a relatively general provisions, relatively difficult to implement. Thus, the provisions of the province continues to do some of the details of the perfect, clear lists three species is defined as "running" at random in the outside situation: in public (especially public crowded) let the dog chain let the dog running free; others in real estate or land release dog chain let the dog run public; in the park or forest, let the dog out of his sight running free (but in the park and forest can temporarily release the dog chain). In violation of these regulations.相关的主题文章: