Do not worry I have a haze day to celebrate the Maple small high-rise verbal jint

I do not have to worry about the haze days suburbanization more admire "Maple" to celebrate the small high-rise villa market is obvious, the outer ring of six supply and turnover have increased, in less than 10 million total, middle relatively high degree of acceptance, but need to put up with the city far distance and immature matching conditions. From the beginning of 2000, the City Landscaping Department implemented the "Engineering in the mountain area of Beijing red face before". The face area is Beijing City mountain plains and mountain areas of the transfer belt, West Fangshan District Zhangfang, East Pinggu District Jinhaihu, across 10 counties, stretches more than 230 kilometers, there are about 300000 acres of colorful trees, have been formed by cotinuscoggygria, Acer truncatum, torch, P.Tricuspidata red nouelia color species, across the whole territory of Beijing the giant leaves ornamental belt. The autumn season, the park near acres of red mountain competing blooming, showing cenglinjinran beauty. Walk in the red forest, walking in the red leaves in abundance, the fog seemed to reflect the wonderful, mysterious feeling, let people fall into a reverie. 1000 – 15 million of the total price range on the market demand the most exuberant villa products are in short supply, and the future of emerging regional science and Technology City villa plate gradually forming is to fill this price gap, can release and stimulate the full potential of the home demand. Wait or start this is a problem over the Beijing housing in the rational comparison, small decisions to Amway several hot plate concern, whether you are holding what kind of attitude, or is self occupied or investment, think small malicious advertising or is true, small have Amway. Page second: Beichen · 1900 villa homes (real estate information) (Wang Zun Park), price to be determined, Beijing city Shunyi District Shun Hing Street No. 11 look Garden Statue, Tel: 400-819-1111 644888. Page third: COFCO · Rui Fu (real estate information), the lowest 39 million yuan, Chaoyang District Xiangjiang North Road 1500 meters north, Tel: 400-819-1111 118185. Page fourth: COFCO · auspicious clouds International Plaza (real estate information), the average price of 25 million yuan, Shunyi District B Airport Industrial Park on the north side of Anxiang street, Tel: 400-819-1111 610637. Page fifth: the reputation of the world (real estate information owners forum), the lowest 25 million yuan, Shunyi central villa Wenyu River, Yang Lin airport exit 1000 meters, Tel: 400-819-1111 610617. Page sixth: palm palm beach (real estate information), the lowest 30 million yuan, Shunyi Wenyuhe crescent (right Airport Yang Lin Road 1 kilometers), Tel: 400-819-1111 610591 · Shunyi Beichen 1900 Hospital; villa south south wing bedroom south Tencent real estate news Beichen · 1900 villa homes located in Shunyi District Shun Hing Street Beijing City Hospital No. 11 look at the statue garden. The project will be opened in October 2016, the main push platoon villas and high-level products, is currently in the row card. Platoon villa for the three floors, the ground floor of the design, a layer of underground high.相关的主题文章: