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"Discovering" LETV Feng Jia Tun broadcast only received   open up "northeast crazy" — a new idea for entertainment channel — original title: "discovering" LETV Feng Jia Tun broadcast only received open northeast crazy new ideas in 2016, China network drama market has entered a relatively stable stage of development, a number of Outstanding Directors and actors have emerged. The Mid Autumn Festival stalls hit, led by well-known director Zhang Moxian, Liu Wei, Huang Shidan and Yang Jinhua together, Liu Yifei, Andy, Qin Rong he portrait appeared in Northeast Rural comedy "discovering" as many netizens Feng Jia Tun, heart into pet. Kang Xi studios to join the well-known producer Zhao Bo carefully crafted absurd comedy, "discovering" Feng Jia Tun a sophisticated plot design of ups and downs, won the praise of users after the first night of the Mid Autumn Festival be not at all surprising, "discovering" Feng Jia Tun in LETV officially opened broadcast alone, a popular female star and northeast guy the strange love made the audience laugh again and again. City rich female star three in rural male singer, actually wake up across the rural women from rural Kang; life, because of the need to "temporarily revive" into my house, and small rural "forced cohabitation"; fashion theme of the female star with traditional culture of song and dance duet, pull out a series of collision encounter under the love hate…… Both the Northeast humor and network big IP, "discovering" Star Feng Jia Tun without drainage, do not rely on fantasy elements earn the eyeball, alone with a pair of good material, a good actor, the network drama played live. It is worth noting that this is a "northeast crazy" style of the film, not only the set in a northeast characteristic Feng Jia Tun, humorous language style also adhering to the "northeast taste". Funny lines more whole drama considerably, "it can really help people not to mind!, we lack the mind", "I am a flower village, sister-in-law please call me fat Ya", "you don’t spoil Baiwenhang, I see that he is cataract"…… Fresh and humorous but not vulgar words, let netizen laugh while feeling lead a person to endless aftertastes. Industry experts said that in the current love drama market, there has been a lack of such delightful network drama, new ideas for its lone Teli style or will open up the Northeast comedy theme. Eat melon masses said, fresh and fun network drama is to see, the old story of only one side, "discovering" Feng Jia Tun comedy lever. There are a lot of friends to play the introduction to relatives and friends, as well as the forwarding circle of friends, ushered in a wave of climax for discovering "viewing" Feng Jia Tun, often create a rare high ratings. "In Feng Jia Tun" broadcast on the evening, LETV ratings soared to new heights, the film demand rate reached 40000 people, soaring heat network. On line seven, the repertoire of total play volume exceeded 8 million mark, the surge of rave reviews, and the data are always rising process. A network drama set off a "northeast" boom, "in love again" Feng Jia Tun new era rural love fresh interpretation, moreish, could not help but watch again. Hit ongoing, eat melon audience still in the Department)相关的主题文章: