Ding Junhui against No.114 round of insurance so I’m afraid to play not far away (video)-66814

Ding Junhui’s NO.114 insurance round swim so far I play [collection] the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament first round Ding Junhui hard 9 game win horse hard promotion status of the average Ding Junhui Tencent sports news September 20th 2016 Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament first round, China’s tough Ding Junhui Donaldson win 5-4 ranked 114th in the world for more than four hours. The campaign, Ding Junhui state average, turnovers, but the tiebreaker opponent fatal error free gift, Ding Junhui may also used the first round…… Ding Junhui should say recently morale is prosperous, has just won the 6 red world championship in Shanghai, playing home court masters natural high gas, but the first round encounter young Donaldson showed surprising. Ding Junhui audience only one shot 70+, a 60+, the offensive side will no longer have a strong performance, the success rate of COSCO Taiwan is surprisingly low. In other words, COSCO Taiwan Ding Junhui doesn’t deserve his fame, just like the second level players. Donaldson was very slow, Ding Junhui is arguably the comprehensive technology, speed can, can attack and defend, even grinding king Ebdon are not afraid, be afraid of this boy? In fact, Ding Junhui in the tug of war did not show strong control force, Ding Junhui and Donaldson are compared with mistakes, Jonathan appeared to be super tiebreaker points to win, but lost the ball hit the doings of ghosts and gods, Ding Junhui walks through. Luck on the side of Ding Junhui, or he is likely to have a habit of a tour, and will be some users a taunt. We can not because of the victory will cover up the problem, attack Ding Junhui this game did not play, but at a slower pace in the stalemate, Ding Junhui’s defensive skill has not been the most incisive interpretation. Ding Junhui a lot of simple ball mistakes, that his hand and focus is not ideal. The Shanghai Ding Junhui masters sign bit is not good, the next round is likely to face Mark Alan, then it is likely to encounter the O’Sullivan rockets. Ding Junhui 100% of the state is very difficult to get in front of O’Sullivan cheap, not to mention the spirit of the face now! Ding Junhui go back to the need for timely summary, to make targeted improvements, improve concentration, must not appear so many simple ball does not enter – that too hurt morale. Play well, even if the loss should also be applauded; played badly, even if the win should be corrected. Many "only victory" theory, the game also won 5-4, said "big heart", "said 4-5 lost psychology is not strong", which is obviously not realistic. As a matter of fact, Ding Junhui first game failed, fortunately, he met a weak opponent, otherwise probably out of the first round of the. Of course, Ding Junhui has a tradition of slow, perhaps the game he will wake up, face the next game itself, it is possible. However, if Ding Junhui does not make any changes, in the current state is certainly not far away. (Yang Hua)相关的主题文章: