Development and Reform Commission responded to 1 trillion and 600 billion to save the northeast by t-kasey chase

Development and Reform Commission to respond to 1 trillion and 600 billion: save the northeast "non full investment by the state Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 25 August, (reporter Xu Yang, Anbei) national development and Reform Commission recently released to promote the revitalization of the northeast three year rolling plan. Some media said, the state has given the Northeast 1 trillion and 600 billion". In response to this argument, the national development and Reform Commission, northeast and other old industrial base revitalization department responsible person responded that the three year rolling plan involves the project is not fully invested by the state, but not a transfusion type of capital investment. Promoting the revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and other three years rolling implementation plan (2016-2018), recently issued. Program identified 137 key tasks in the year and the 127 major projects. The responsible person said, the 127 major project is the implementation of the rolling, the estimated total investment of 1 trillion yuan. Investments include self financing, local government matching funds and state subsidies. Specific projects must be submitted for approval in accordance with the investment approval procedures, different areas, different sectors of the project funded proportion is not the same. Projects involving people’s livelihood and public infrastructure projects, the state will give appropriate subsidies. The responsible person stressed that "the key implementation plan" is to promote the Northeast government management reform, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and other key areas of reform, improve the investment environment, to create a more favorable environment for the private economy and social capital. He said that the 127 major projects not only relates to the field of excess capacity, do not sprinkle black pepper type in various fields to expand investment, but focus on key areas, focusing on the short board can effectively and cultivate new energy, focusing on people’s livelihood and infrastructure for the northeast and North China regional debts, enhance the ability of rapid access, accelerate the new industrial foundation, has the potential and needs of the development of northeast china. According to reports, these major projects have been included in the special plan of the industry and the field of "13th Five-Year", some countries have also been included in the "13th Five-Year" planning of major projects, is not new in addition to planning project. Mainly related to transportation (including railways, highways, airports, rail transit), energy, water conservancy, agriculture, urban and rural construction, people’s livelihood and other fields. The responsible person said, the 127 major projects will be incorporated into the national major project pool scheduling, regular coordination, urge the relevant departments and the relevant local start on schedule, schedule, construction schedule, benefit as soon as possible. He said, to promote the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing northeast, to focus on the policy of financial support and institutional mechanisms to promote innovation, accelerate the transformation of development, cultivate the endogenous power closely, policy financial support will be based on the northeast area to speed up the key to solve the problems of economic and social development, the bottleneck in the field of deepening reform of the real effect. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: