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Deng Chao Chongqing roadshow super love "the whole world" grasping the details for the role painting "Deng Chao Chongqing roadshow interactive super love" around the world "to" paint "the role of grasping the details – Sohu Deng Chao entertainment" passing from your world "Chongqing roadshow Deng Chao fans to interact with the Deng Chao film" passing from your world "Sohu entertainment news by Deng Chao starred in the movie" the annual emotion passing from your world "is the country aggressively, released on the 1 day countdown to the occasion, Deng Chao is also to join the film opened the roadshow mode, the first station to the role of" Chen Mo "in the home — Chongqing. The super brother wearing a pink coat mood is quite good, with the Chongqing audience and fans made a series of special topics from the dialect exchange, dubbing, role to fancy self perception and so on. The most special is around eight o’clock in the evening, Deng Chao is still in Chongqing landmark Monument for Liberation over a radio broadcast live, said the dialect to eat hot pot to play the game, the atmosphere is very hot. Deng Chao said "laizhebuju hold have also helped to record voice over Monument for Liberation fun radio broadcast movie" passing from your world "in Deng Chao’s late Chen although cynical, but in everyday life is like" parents "to take care of everyone. The Deng Chao’s first roadshow to return to Chongqing, "Chen end" mode is also switched from time to time with the audience shuabao interaction, the audience is asked to embrace without hesitation agreed, when he learned that the scene of a Chongqing fan’s wife issued a "super photo with brother home" task, not only super brother photo also took other mobile phone. A blessing speech, sudden surprises triggered the scene again and again. Like netizens message said "Chongqing is" the world "and super brother together scraper", the day is not only a landmark of the global financial center of rolling screen broadcast, the theater after the exchange, "over Monument for Liberation" also conducted a special radio broadcast, the wide field has long been surrounded by fans so, in the face of the enthusiasm of Chongqing people, super brother very excited, as a burst of inspiration will not only play the host in the prologue of the classic radio Chongqing interpretation, also sang the new song "love song" by promotion Radio Chorus, the scene of the warm. The end Chen personality praised Deng Chao for double exposure charm role "painting" into the marketplace in addition to grasp the details with super brother close interaction, focus on the movie also feel this exchange, Deng Chao played in the movie "double charm DJ Chen at the end of" cheap adorable and affectionate upon exposure is everybody talked about Chongqing roadshow early point mapping to light more personal details, many viewers in Chongqing after watching film immediately issued point of praise: "Chen was amused laughing and crying at the end, he began to sing was audience laughter, he received immediately I cried with tears in her eyes". To eat Chongqing classic delicacy and small Hot pot at the premiere, Deng Chao had also brought back when filming even eat 16 bowls of small memory, see the movie people are aware of the facet is almost at the end of the Chen standard, whether it is on the radio at home or small restaurants, regardless of family and friends or colleagues, eat almost all cannot do without this kind of atmosphere is small, at the end of the body of Chen unique temperament, for the role of Deng Chao said: "every time when filming.相关的主题文章: