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Dalian social security prevention and control experience called the [Key words] security prevention and control in September 23, 2015, the national three-dimensional social security system construction in Dalian held a spot. The meeting, called the "Dalian experience". In November 4, 2015, the province’s public security prevention and control system of television and telephone conference held in Liaoning hall, meeting the requirements of Dongfeng "to the national social security prevention and control system construction work conference, the" Dalian experience "in the province to promote the amplification for the lead to promote the prevention and control of three-dimensional social security system in our province to deepen and perfect, to ensure that people live and work in peace." Today, the Dalian conference has been in the past year, while Dalian’s three-dimensional social security prevention and control system also ushered in a new upgrade. The Dalian peace building into the overall goal in recent years, Dalian city to enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction as the starting point and end point, the comprehensive management and peace building into the overall goal of the city’s economic and social development, into the party committees and governments at all levels work into the performance appraisal system, Party committees and governments focus on livelihood projects, the overall planning of "safe Dalian" construction work. Therefore, they put forward the striving for peace Liaoning Construction Demonstration Zone, national peace building advanced city goal, promote the formation of a multi-level, full field, wide coverage, a new pattern of peace building with Dalian characteristics. Dalian also effectively play the basic role of social forces, to ensure the peaceful development of Dalian in the community to participate in and support the atmosphere to deepen the development of. Today, walking on the main street of Dalian, everywhere "red vests" waving red and green flags, traffic guide figure. Into the Dalian community, can be found in the "red vests" for publicity legal people about and solve the neighborhood disputes. These lovely red vest is a member of Dalian city peace volunteers team, is gradually becoming the new city name card. The household registration reform work to boost grid construction in recent years, the Municipal Public Security Bureau under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, focus on key task to serve the people’s livelihood, the household registration reform, public security, traffic management and other key projects, combined with the public security work, solid initiatives, innovative thinking and scientific attempt, the basic realization of the "12th Five-Year" public security organs bear the task index the expected goal. The implementation of the new household registration policy smoothly, the effectiveness of the public security management system network construction, new media service management capabilities significantly enhanced, the rapid improvement of urban traffic management level. February 2012, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Dalian household registration regulations, the draft was revised, after the municipal government executive meeting to discuss the adoption of the next issued. The "Regulations" to the introduction of high-quality personnel, optimize the population structure, guide the rational distribution of the population as the goal, starting from the function of the city’s economic zone for the development model of the plate, drawing on the experience of other large and medium-sized city household registration reform, adhere to the reasonable control of urban area, moderate liberalization of the new urban area, the full liberalization of the new principle, to further relax the access to the household registration policy, create a good population resource environment in order to accelerate the process of global city and complete the "12th Five-Year" development planning task. Cancel the city’s account of the nature of the division. Lin Lin相关的主题文章: