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Automobiles Even if named cuttlefish, they are not really fish but molluscs. Studies and research have verified that the cuttlefish is one of the most intelligent invertebrates. Cuttlefish also have one of the largest brains to body size ratios of all invertebrates. Cuttlefish have an inside bone which is known as the cuttlebone. Read more Totalentreprise The cuttlefish has W shaped pupils. They have 8 arms and 2 tentacles, which are furnished with denticulate suckers. The cuttlefish has iridophores on its skin, which can reflect the location around the cuttlefish. Cuttlefish range in size from 15 cm to 25 cm. The largest species of cuttlefish is the Sepia Apama. This variety reaches 50cm in mantle length and weighs more than 10.5 kg. Cuttlefish eat other cuttlefish, octopuses, worms, fish, shrimp and molluscs. Predators of the cuttlefish are dolphins, sharks, fish seals and other cuttlefish. The cuttlefish lives about one to two years. The cuttlefish is provided with buoyancy, by the cuttlebone which is spongy and .posed of aragonite. Jewelers and silversmiths usually use cuttlebone for casting small objects. Parakeets and other birds are given as a source of dietary calcium. Read more Ferie Vejle Cuttlefish are able to change their color at will rapidly. This remarkable ability has earned the cuttlefish the name as the sea chameleon. They also conceal themselves from predators in this method. Cuttlefish eyes are between the most developed in the animal kingdom. They cannot see color, nonetheless they are able to perceive the polarization of light which enhances their perception of contrast. Scientists have speculated that cuttlefishs eyes are entirely developed before birth, and start observing their environment while still in the egg. Generally the red iron containing protein, hemoglobin carries oxygen in mammals. But the cuttlefish use the copper including protein, hemocyanin. Due to this reason the cuttlefish has an unusual shade of green-blue. The cuttlefishs blood is pumped by three distinct hearts. Two hearts pump blood to the two gills [One to each gill]. The third heart pumps blood around the rest of the body. Hemocyanin carries less oxygen than hemoglobin. Hence cuttlefish blood has to flow faster than other animals. Cuttlefish have ink which they use to help dodge predators. Read more Clairvoyant medie The cuttlefish has two tentacles and at the end of each of them is a pad covered in suckers that seizes and pull prey toward its beak. Over 120 species of cuttlefish has been documented currently. About the Author: Five Helpful Auto Rental Strategies By: Kain Black – Sifadiafira adalah perusahaan sewa mobil jakarta. Melayani rental mobil murah utk bulanan harian tahunan dalam dan luar kota lepas kunci atau dengan sopir. Tags: What Should You Look For In A Car Recovery Service Berkshire? 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