Cui Jian concert guests to pay tribute to the appearance of the idol Tan Weiwei ratatouille

Cui Jian concert guests came to the scene to pay tribute to the idol Cui Jian Sina entertainment news rolling thirty years, Beijing concert will be held at the Workers Stadium in,, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States will be held in the workers’ Stadium in September 30th. In addition to the exposure before conference of the British rock group, the band’s drummer Stewart-Copeland will join Tan Weiwei, [micro-blog], Yang Le, Confucius also attended as a guest at the concert, to help out. Rock team to help out rock Godfather Tan Weiwei said, he could work with Cui Jian sanshengyouxing. In fact, her long-standing relationship with Cui Jian, "I am in the finals in the third season of" singer Cui Jian, over the years the first variety show on the stage, is to help the guests to sing for Tan Weiwei as. Speaking of the relationship with Cui Jian, she always said he is a fan of cui. This time, Cui Jian in his own singing on the rock to pay tribute to him, Tan Weiwei said very happy. Yang Le is the Cui Jian to sing cry of the people, with his pure time honed, showing a special charm. Cui Jian said: "if he (Yang Le) works, after ten years twenty years thirty years, together with him. I think his laid to rest, not regret, but I regret." Cui Jian hope that one day, can hear all the songs of Yang Le, also want to share this precious music to fans. Confucius is Akino Cui Jian recommended more than and 20 years of the band, "Confucius" rock is rare "the shake" temperament, fusion of dialect, song, drama, starting from Chinese traditional cultural perspective, with the relaxed humorous expression of thinking of life. They hope to be able to collide with Cui Jian at the concert. Recalling thirty years of feelings, agreed in May 9, 1986, Beijing Workers Stadium, Cui Jian in the first hundred singers will sing the first "nothing", nowadays, many in the North Cui Jian fan club members, gathered spontaneously organized, agreed. According to the 86 grade students of a university in the university cafeteria memories, Cui Jian then sang "nothing" when students have been whistled away. Later, the north is gradually more and more students understand the love on the rock, Cui Jian, also set up the club, this is his alma mater and rock the indissoluble bound, but also between them and Cui Jian. 30 years later, the same person, the same place, this concert will try to return to the feelings of Chinese rock. Recently, the voice of China also planned a special "Cui Jian music", in each period of play to show all day long, exclusive interview with Cui Jian, listen to Cui Jian about his rock for 30 years, and again in 30 years to bring the classic songs of Cui Jian. It is reported that, as the concert draws near, the Workers Stadium venue ticket has remained little, the ticket is still open.相关的主题文章: