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The CPC Central Committee issued a notice to deploy the nineteen representatives of the election the original title: the CPC Central Committee issued a notice to the deployment of the party’s nineteen representative election work of Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 9 November,   the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party decided that the Party’s nineteen more than the second half of 2017 held in Beijing. Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued the notice on the party’s nineteen representatives of the election, the full deployment of the work of the election of the nineteen representatives. Central Organization Department recently held a meeting to make specific arrangements for this work. The nineteen party is fully completed in China held a decisive stage of well-off society a very important congress, is a major event in the political life of the party and the state. Do a good job in the work of the nineteen represents, is an important basis for opening the conference. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Central Political Bureau specially studies the nineteen Representative elections work, put forward the basic principles and work tasks, requirements of Party organizations at all levels attach great importance to and conscientiously perform their duties, carefully organized and implemented to ensure the successful completion of the election. Central to determine the total number of nineteen representatives of a total of 2300, elected by the country’s 40 electoral units. The central requirements, do the nineteen Representative elections work, to follow the party constitution as the basis, adhere to the principle of the party, strengthen the party’s leadership, develop inner-party democracy, election serious discipline, prominent political standard and advanced, reflecting a broad representation, improve the structure of representative, on behalf of code generation process, to ensure the quality and structure of nineteen representatives reasonable and widely distributed, Party members support. The Central Committee pointed out that the nineteen representatives should be excellent members of the Communist party. To be strict political candidates, adhere to the political standards in the first place, highlighting the candidate’s ideals and beliefs, political character and moral cultivation. Strict person honest, resolutely prevent sick nomination". To further optimize the structure of representative, an appropriate increase in the proportion of production and work in the front line, focus on advanced models recommended by the workers and peasants and professional and technical personnel in the party as a representative candidate; female and minority party members should have a certain proportion. On behalf of, not only have the leading cadres at all levels, and the production and the first line of Party members, to represent the aspects of economy, science and technology, national defense, politics, education, culture, sports, health promotion, and social management and so on. Central requirements, the election of the nineteen representatives, we must adhere to the party’s leadership and carry forward the organic unity of democracy, take bottom-up, top-down combination, repeated brewing, step by step approach to selection. To carry out publicity and education, mobilize the nomination of grassroots party organizations and Party members to actively participate in the representatives of the candidates, according to the majority party organization or the majority of Party members, were selected by. To strictly implement organization investigation, inspection and inspection notice, listen to the grass-roots party organizations, Party members, and the opinions of the masses. To do a good job in the election of the meeting, on behalf of the implementation of the difference election, the proportion of the election should be more than 15%. The central authorities stressed that Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously strengthen leadership, carefully organized and implemented, with a high degree of political responsibility and meticulous work style, do a solid job in the nineteen representative elections. To serious political discipline, Kay相关的主题文章: