Confinement center rating to emphasize professional security outstanding breastfeeding – Beijing-plants war

Confinement center rating: to emphasize professional security outstanding breastfeeding – Beijing experts to conduct on-site assessment of nursing staff in the maternal and child care hospital. In Beijing this year is expected to 300 thousand, there will be more women choose to postpartum rehabilitation institutions "confinement". In the background of "comprehensive two children", "confinement center" is not what fresh words. At present, the number of domestic confinement center has exceeded 3000, and is still growing at a faster rate. However, due to the lack of access system, supervision mechanism, and the operation of the corresponding standard and standard of review, the entire industry present situation of uneven in quality. Able to have a unified standard, the mother and child rehabilitation agencies to become the voice of the industry. 2015, postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation agency industry management and service guide issued, postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation agencies grading review implementation plan will also be introduced. At present, there are 8 confinement center made participating application to the association of maternal and child health Chinese. The first batch of the rating of the confinement center is expected to produce at the beginning of next year. A review, divided into classes, which will bring change to the center of the month? Why review? Confinement center is not included in the Department of health supervision "plastic bag baby swimming pool set is from where to buy? Can not be traced back to the source?" "You have 21 pregnant women, why only 15 food samples?" "Baby brush towel to deal with, how?" A series of sharp questions, the opening of the national maternal and child rehabilitation after the birth of the assessment of the prelude. On the weekend, from Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian and other places of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts to new mothers maternal and child care hospital near the northern city of Victoria review. This confinement center was founded in 16 years, the first time in the China Association of maternal and Child Health Organization accreditation, which also is the first to accept the assessment of the confinement center. Here, the judge examines a maternity room. The conversation between experts by surprise to press the alarm, and looked down at his watch on the second hand. A few seconds later, the microphone came to the nurse’s response, the experts were satisfied nodded. At present, the domestic postpartum maternal and child rehabilitation institutions are all rely on self-discipline, in the management and specialization of varying degrees. As a result, there will be a great risk in maternal and child safety, so the need to manage." Maternal postpartum rehabilitation and Management Committee China maternal and Child Health Association, Fudan University affiliated obstetrics and gynecology hospital director Wang Hong introduced a maternal body organs returned to the prenatal state is 8 weeks, in the "confinement" of 28 days to 30 days, also entered the newborn infant, so this time for mother and child are very important. However, due to lack of supervision, confinement center chaos uneven in quality. President of the association of maternal and child health Chinese president elect Chen Ziquan pointed out that the current confinement center is not incorporated into the Department of health supervision system, registered are registered in the business sector. "Some confinement center called" the month club ", the name of neither fish nor fowl. The club is entertainment, and the confinement center is strictly rehabilitation nursing institutions." He called on the relevant departments of the post natal maternal and child rehabilitation agencies相关的主题文章: