Comment on the Li Baohua event the destruction of human nature — not only the destruction of trust bloxorz

Comment on the Li Baohua incident: the destruction of human nature – not only the destruction of trust – Sohu health Sohu Health Hospital, Oriental Hospital, the eyes of poplar chaos, there is indeed a bit messy. One side is for patients dissatisfied with medical practitioners, while medical practitioners to practice environmental dissatisfaction, look at the Internet, slobber battle was bustling, actually, led the international well-known professional magazine < < > > the lancet; note that the There was no parallel in history. published a report entitled "Chinese doctor – under threat to survive, and now the domestic animals, mouth is not high, is the directly bloody. Why is there such a situation? I often think about such a problem. In 90s, the hospital to the "invisible hand" after a few years, the doctor-patient relationship began to tense, then open the newspaper, you will be surprised to find that almost every day a medical accident reports, public opinion is almost one-sided, doctors almost become street rat. The teachers told us how to protect ourselves carefully, a surgical teacher once said to us: we are now in the hospital, a foot in court. A case, almost subvert the professional concept we have just established in the university. A remote township hospital, treated a traffic accident seriously injured patients, patients need a blood transfusion, but if the county to blood blood, the patient must be dead, President of the organization staff make a prompt decision after the patients were discharged from hospital blood, found positive for hepatitis B, to the hospital to court, although the name of the president to provide inspection reports for all blood donors but the hands are lack of blood test report of patients before blood transfusion. Of course, the amount of compensation is equivalent to the total income of the hospital 7-8 years, after the verdict, the dean tears. Later, in order to further standardize the medical behavior, the hospital to the evidence upside down, in order to ask for evidence in the future, even if the 3 year old children admitted to the hospital to check syphilis, HIV is not surprising. Over inspection, in the protection of doctors at the same time, but also for the hospital set up a close, to play the role of self-protection, but if it is used, it is terrible. Indeed, a few years after Beijing appeared Chaoyang Hospital, family members do not sign, doctors surgery, a young life, together with the children of the world has not seen, but falls, two fresh life ah! Trust between doctors and patients has become an insurmountable divide. The former is bound to save lives at the same time, the hospital is on the verge of bankruptcy; the latter is not indifferent to life, illegal is not illegal, but retreats. This is a mockery of human nature and the goodness of the press, is the law and regulations of the fun and trampling. When we are in it, what will you do? Society has taught us a lot. Jiangsu, a rural woman, picked up the money returned to the owner, was the owner of the court. A few days later in Shanghai, the street nobody picked the wallet, two students guarding the wallet, call 110, let the police for fear of a pick, have left the elution off trouble. If only the medical workers can also perish, blame, condemn, and face the destruction of human nature of the society, can categorically deny the doctor?相关的主题文章: