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College graduates employment service week – Society – newspaper Beijing on 21 November,     (reporter Jiang Lin) from November 21st to December 4th, human resources and social security ministry held a 2016 national human resource market of college graduates employment service week activities. The activities of the Department of human resources and social unity in the country, unified organization and development, for college graduates special employment service activities, is the country to promote the employment of college graduates is an important brand activities. Since 2003, has been successfully held 13 sessions, this year for the fourteenth session. According to preliminary statistics, at present to participate in the activities of various types of human resources services week 160. All 177 games will be held on-site recruitment plans, participants are expected to employers to recruit the number of 2.2, more than 50 people; 135 websites hosting network recruitment, is expected to provide 550 thousand jobs information. Network recruitment involves Internet e-commerce, consumer durable goods, import and export trade, network games, computer, communications, media publishing cultural dissemination, property management center, commercial real estate development and construction projects, the financial industry and other industries, the demand of the top 10 job categories are: sales, administration and logistic. And computer network technology, financial auditing and statistics, PR, media education and training, tourism, hotel and catering service technicians, construction and real estate property management, decoration art design creative class. During the week, college graduates can log China human resources market network, China public recruitment network, Chinese national talent network, enter the activity area, to participate in the national recruitment network conference employment. They can also log China human resources market network and China national talent network for talent assessment. Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities held on-site recruitment time, location and other details can be logged in the above site activities area. "People’s Daily" (November 22, 2016 16 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: