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Collective diving? The recent week broadcast drama "why low ratings Qingyun Zhi" Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Lei) last summer, is a recognized industry is a new growth point of TV drama broadcast week bloom in each. The first week of the school, the Legal Evening News reporter found that the drama week broadcast drama ratings collective diving, in the past week, there is no one week broadcast drama ratings break 1. For the week broadcast drama light dispersed, the industry believes that the current China drama broadcast week generally set the number of too much, the play cycle is too long, so this week broadcast drama to maintain a steady state is extremely difficult, but also put forward higher requirements on the quality of broadcast week drama. The data Ji Yishi week broadcast ratings decline opening season, "Legal Evening News" reporter statistics found that the recent hit week broadcast drama ratings have declined. Such as the Oriental TV hit "old nine door" from 1.081% down to 0.948%, a decline of 25%, Hunan TV hit "-" and "Yun Zhi" is one of the main types of costume fantasy, love drama types for young audiences, but after the start of the ratings decline to around 30%. TV senior industry said: "Zhang Ya this week broadcast drama ratings have a great relationship with their audience positioning, crowd positioning clear so that broadcast week drama ratings and audience students with high holidays, fell as their school, this is in line with market rules." At the same time, compared with the 2015 hit a few weeks radio drama ratings, 2016 week broadcast drama viewership is "quite bleak," senior TV propaganda license said: "last year" peak "ratings to spend one thousand bone to around 4%, the average ratings of 2.4%, but this year the most popular" old nine door "only reached the peak ratings about 1.9%, the average ratings of 1.25% or so, most let the industry expect TV series" – "the highest ratings of around 1.2%, the average ratings to estimate 1%. Weekly broadcast drama in the summer of 2016, the ratings are not very good." Too much analysis set the number of Chinese drama broadcast week too much reporter statistics found that the summer of this year, a total of Hunan TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, Beijing TV four TV Week theater broadcast platform wading, a total of 6 week theater broadcast repertoire are flowering, fantasy, Xian Xia, idol theme, young the audience is highly concentrated. Compared to the major weekly broadcast drama ratings decline, TV is more traditional golden theater ratings by the impact of the school season is not large. For example, the recent hit drama "farewell" social issues is not affected, the end of the summer, but with the in-depth story rising steadily. Zhang Ya believes that the Chinese week radio drama is not a creation of rules according to the sowing season, "week radio drama and broadcast variety in overseas basically exist in 20-25 in volume, generally 3 months for a broadcast cycle, but the domestic TV drama broadcast week although the name of the banner, but still long and smelly 40-50, set volume, viewers want to watch a drama broadcast week to the consumption of the first half." Such a long broadcast cycle, making the audience emotional dramas, Lei相关的主题文章: