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Climax: the body feels very sad watching family are fans of Sports – Sohu Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) the work of national security in the position of general manager for six years, Beijing fans affectionately known as the "two man", the beginning of this year officially retired a few months to enjoy the leisure climax again coming out, but this time he did not pick up football and volleyball, but playing with. Although did not leave the three balls, but from the football circle to the volleyball circle, the climax of over sixty years, it can be regarded as a full cross-border. After retirement granddaughter to buy food to cook on new dishes by family welcome this year the evening of February 5th, the climax made a circle of friends, with two photos in the club office he, very simple words: "in 6 years, the end." That day, there are two days away from the new year’s Eve, when the Lunar New Year is coming, the climax officially retired from the position of general manager of the national security club. "I remember thinking, the corridor is not a lot of people gathered, waiting for me? Go out to look, the corridor is particularly quiet, you may think I also go to work after the Spring Festival, I did not expect to leave." The climax said, after the Spring Festival holiday should return to work rhythm, he was completely into vacation mode, which makes him uncomfortable, "suddenly felt a bit do not know what to do, before nine every day morning to the club, how suddenly stay home?" To help accelerate the climax in retirement is his granddaughter, most things retired after the "two man" to do is look at the child and cooking. "The first thing in the morning is to wake up without her, take her out to play, go to class early. This does not adapt to the slow, and then go to adapt to buy food, cooking, but also developed a number of new dishes, often try some of the dishes have not been fried. For example, eggplant, do not feel old, suddenly one day with pork made a pretty, welcome home by." But the happiness of a family union day not long after, the climax Football Association was conscripted to participate in research, "less than one and a half years ran the 14 club, come back later wrote a report about the construction of the club. Until July, also participated in the two meeting of the State Council to the foot joint." Concerned about the national security when the audience will still be nervous not forget the fans are pleased to interview climax, it is difficult to talk about a few football, it is difficult to avoid the topic of national security. After retiring from the club general manager position, the climax becomes a pure fans, after retiring, see the first game of this season is the national security of the game, Guoan game away against Tianjin TEDA, early the day he waited at home in front of the TV set. "I think in my heart, what would I do if I were in the club? If you are away, I may choose one every time can win at the home court if it is certainly busy. At the beginning of the game, when the national flag played the national anthem, there was a small feeling of excitement." The opening game at the moment the whistle sounded, the climax of the heart will still be nervous, heartbeat feeling. Yuan相关的主题文章: