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City Health Bureau to carry out "99 Chongyang for love" – free health examination in Duanzhou District Red Cross Hospital / health Sohu to carry out the "99 homes for the elderly Chongyang" free medical activities in October 9th is the traditional Chinese festival "Chung Yeung Festival", is the province’s twenty-eighth "old man", City Health Bureau organized the "99 Chongyang for love" the elderly free medical activities. City Health Bureau Secretary Cao Weiguang led the old man visited some district of Dinghu Duanzhou District, condolences to the old people to extend holiday greetings and cordial greetings. Chen Caixia, Duanzhou District Standing Committee Dinghu District vice mayor Liu Duanduan, municipal health bureau deputy director Zhang Ming and other leaders took part in the activities. "Director Cao Weiguang for the elderly to send holiday greetings of director Cao Weiguang and his entourage to the Duanzhou Red Cross Hospital, Dinghu District Maternal and child health care and family planning service center condolences to the elderly. Condolences, director Cao Weiguang asked in detail about the free medical examination to the old people’s physical condition, for the elderly to send holiday wishes, I wish the old people health and longevity, medical units will double ninth festival elderly free medical policies, let them feel the warmth of the party and the government. The object / scene "99 free medical health care for the elderly elderly Chongyang" free medical activities for the local resident population of the elderly over the age of 80, free health examination time for the October 9th to October 31st. Zhaoqing city free health examination institutions, two hospital, Duanzhou District Red Cross Hospital, Duanzhou city community health service center, free health examination items include routine items (including body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, skin, superficial lymph node, heart, lungs, abdomen, hearing etc.) visual acuity, B ultrasound examination, electrocardiogram, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, blood glucose, blood lipid.相关的主题文章: