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There are many factors that can contribute to hearing loss including hereditary issues just like Siemens Hearing aids, Widex Hearing aids, hearing aid .parison and chronic exposure to loud noises, and gradual hearing loss that often .es with advanced age. Persons who are suffering from hearing loss often notice that they have trouble recognizing speech and sounds and may be confused when interacting with others in social and professional settings. It is important to treat hearing loss as early as possible to prevent serious loss of hearing function and correct the issue before it too late. While some types of hearing loss may be corrected by surgery or medication, individuals who are suffering from certain other types of hearing loss may choose to turn to electronic devices like hearing aids for assistance. The hearing loss professionals of Hearing Planet are happy to bring you the following information about hearing aids and how to choose the hearing aid that is right for you. Testing for Hearing Loss Before choosing a hearing aid, it is re.mended that individuals visit an audiologist to determine the type and severity of their hearing loss. Doctors can usually determine the type and level of hearing loss the patient is suffering by analyzing tests including: * Hearing tone tests * Middle-ear function tests * Pure tone audiometric * Speech audiometric Once a diagnosis has been made, the medical professional usually can re.mend the proper course of action for treatment and remedy of the hearing problem. Types of Hearing Aids Hearing aids .e in different shapes and sizes and often vary based on their placement in or around the ear. The most .mon types of hearing aids include: * Behind-the-ear * In-the-canal * In-the-ear * .pletely-in-the-canal * Body-worn Hearing aids will typically feature either analog or digital electronics and may be adjustable based on the electronics inside. Hearing aids that are analog-based convert sound waves into amplified electrical signals. The user may be able to adjust the hearing aid to fit different environments depending on the size of the room and the level of noise surrounding the individual. Digital hearing aids amplify sound waves for the user after converting the sounds into numerical codes. These hearing aids may be programmed to amplify only certain pitches while reducing the sound level of others. Digital aids may also be set to pick up sounds .ing from certain directions, in the event that the user wants to focus on concerts, performances, or conversations. A Guide To Follow To Lose Weight Naturally–little Changes You Have To Make. By: John T. 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