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Chongqing: driver fatigue driving guardrail tube inserted into the chest (Figure) a long guardrail tube into the right chest, do not tired driving!" When driving on the road, such security reminders often appear, but have you really done it? Recently, 27 year old Mr. Liu was a long guardrail tube into the right chest, rushed to the Daping Hospital of Third Military Medical University first aid, Liu although temporarily out of danger, but the risk of fatigue driving, so that he and his family are still afraid. On September 18th at 20:17 in the evening, Mr. Liu driving in the Jiangjin area on the road, because the day before a long journey has not been sleeping, that day to continue driving are tired, distracted a Kung Fu, the car has been rushed to the fence, also not dodge, Liu was a long tube inserted into the right pleural barrier. About an hour later, Mr. Liu was rushed to Daping Hospital emergency department, and quickly opened a green treatment channel, debridement, hemostasis and tracheal intubation and other emergency treatment and CT examination. After many departments of experts consultation, in more than 1 hours of tension surgery, the diameter of about 13 cm, 25 cm long guardrail, steel pipe guardrail was finally taken out. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Daping Hospital, Liu’s blood pressure and vital signs stable, sent to intensive care unit, if you spend seven days of infection period, you can escape from the risk of life. The reporter of the highest   Cui Xiaping   special correspondent     Zhu Guangping; Dai Ming Yong   Daping Hospital for map 重庆:司机疲劳驾驶撞护栏 钢管直插进胸腔(图) 一条长长的护栏钢管穿入其右侧胸腔   “请勿疲劳驾驶!”当行驶在路上,这类安全提醒标语时常出现,但你真的做到了吗?近日,27岁的刘先生被一条长长的护栏钢管穿入其右侧胸腔,送往了第三军医大学大坪医院急救,刘先生虽然暂时脱离了生命危险,但疲劳驾驶带来的危险,让他及家人仍感到害怕。   9月18日晚上20点17分,刘先生驾车行驶在江津区一国道上,因为前一天开长途后一直没有睡觉,当天继续行驶时感到睡意袭来,一走神的功夫,车子已经冲向了护栏,还来不及躲闪,刘先生便被一根长护栏钢管插到右侧胸腔内。   约一个小时后,刘先生被紧急送到大坪医院急诊科,并迅速开通绿色救治通道,进行清创止血和气管插管等急救处理和CT检查。经过多科室专家联合会诊,在1个多小时的紧张手术中,这根直径约13厘米、长25厘米的护栏钢管护栏钢管终于被取了出来。   昨日,记者从大坪医院了解到,刘先生的血压和生命体征平稳,被送到重症监护室,如果度过了七天感染期,就能脱离生命危险。   热报记者 崔夏萍 特约记者 朱广平 代明勇 大坪医院供图相关的主题文章: