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Chinese tide: after the evacuation should be considered Chinese team Qualifying – Sports – 2018 World Cup Asian zone match 12 game with the Iran team battle, Chinese team will be selected in the home court have Chinese football paradise reputation of Shenyang, in fact it is the 12 season China team in a home court. Against the strong opponents of the Iran team, able to harvest 0:0 draw, it can be said that basically reached a pre game goal. The performance of the parties mentioned above the field, more than the country foot soldiers remarkable, there are twelfth people live on the field — lovely Chinese fans. Apply a popular argument, Chinese football may not be very good, but Chinese fans have been very good. This time to come to Shenyang for the Chinese team cheer, but fans from far apart from each other and full of passion. This is a group of football China iron, get proper courtesy – – not in the narrow channel pregame China football paradise Shenyang, at the end of half an hour of public transport has been shutdown. As is known to all, it is not easy to organize a big event. In order to run the 12 games, I believe that the efforts of Shenyang will not be less. The city of Shenyang, in fact, do not lack the experience of organizing similar contest. However, that is, in the pre boot, after the game to do the details of the game, the preparation of the 12 games really need to continue to improve. To organize a contest for the athletes, the service is good thing for the fans as unalterable principles, good service quality, is also related to the run game of football development atmosphere. The development of Chinese football development atmosphere, can not be separated from the huge crowd of fans. It is necessary for the fans to improve their own comprehensive quality, but the fans should also enjoy the necessary service and respect in the events and activities. From another point of view, a lot of things that Chinese fans do are dedicated, but this selfless dedication should not be taken for granted. And be able to understand what the fans do, perhaps is really the beginning of a good atmosphere for the development of Chinese football. Do not be stingy with the enthusiasm and respect for the fans group, willing to do something for the fans today, tomorrow may be a surprise harvest.   (commissioning editor: Zhang Fan, Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: