Chinese red Chinese orchestra played the Wan hot night to celebrate the birthday of the motherland –

Chinese red Chinese orchestra played the "Wan hot night" to celebrate the birthday of the motherland – Beijing, Miss World Tourism Culture of Chinese clothing show. Lu Wenwei photo Beijing, Zhangjiajie, October 1, (Deng Xia Lu Wenwei) the evening of September 30th, "Wan hot night" to celebrate the National Day music concert party held in Zhangjiajie, was founded in 2006 China red Chinese Orchestra invited to perform. The party is divided into two parts of traditional folk music and modern music, let the audience enjoy China folk past and present in the favorite Chinese Instrumentals, meet the motherland 67 years old birthday. Live performances, China red Chinese Orchestra first with a song of classical music "Beaming with Joy" opening, then played the "Liuyang River", "clouds", "good friend" and other traditional repertoire; and Chinese musical "wool", "my mother" and other classic foreign folk songs, show the broad and profound China musical instruments. In the modern new music playing, China red Chinese Orchestra combines with the national characteristics of musical instruments, music wind and western music style, Xinjiang folk song "Ala Muhan", and "horse race", erhu percussion ensemble a variety of musical instruments "The Legendary Swordsman" and other tracks, "music in the West played folk music virtuoso and popular accompaniment, bring a person find everything fresh and new feeling. That night, just finished the 2016 Miss World Tourism Culture of the Hunan final more than Scarlett also appeared together, they through Hanfu and cheongsam show China, carry forward the traditional costume culture. The event held in Zhangjiajie County of Cili Wan hot springs, Changzhang freeway East Cili interchange, is the natural hot springs rich in trace elements since Chung, silicic acid, strontium, lithium, zinc, selenium and other China, was listed as the biggest "Radon" hot springs. 1 billion yuan investment in the "Zhangjiajie Wanfu international? Ten in the spa town" project started in November 2015, the first phase project of Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring International Resort has been built on the reception capacity of tens of thousands of people. (end)相关的主题文章: