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The Chinese government to speed up the reform to narrow the income gap –         theoretical research and practical experience has proved that the market mechanism can improve economic efficiency, but can not solve the problem of income gap. Excessive income gap will bring serious negative influence to a country’s economic development and social stability, lead to insufficient consumption and economic growth is lack of sustainability; leading to the poor and low-income people unable to accumulate human capital, causing frequent social class, social contradictions; lead to the government’s public policy and the redistribution policy is difficult to play the role, is not conducive to the establishment of social system and fair allocation mechanism. Since there is a serious failure in regulating income distribution, the government should play an active role in narrowing the income gap and promoting fair distribution.         the Chinese government attaches great importance to solve the problem of income distribution gap, income distribution system reform steadily, has achieved significant results: income distribution and redistribution policy system of continuous improvement, has been curbed the widening gap in income distribution, the Gini coefficient fell. However, it should be noted that the problem of China’s income distribution gap is still large, and the fair and reasonable income distribution order has not been fully established. Especially in the economic development of the new normal, to accelerate the transformation of development mode and economic structure will inevitably lead to profound adjustment of the pattern of development, employment pattern changes, and bring changes in the pattern of income distribution; economic growth from high speed to a high speed in the past, some income distribution problems overshadowed by the rapid economic growth may be exposed in this stage. Therefore, under the new economic normal in urgent need to establish a sense of urgency to accelerate the reform of the income distribution system, realized only speed up the reform in order to consolidate the narrowing of the income gap has been achieved and reach the expected goal, otherwise it will come to naught, and even lead to serious social contradictions. To promote the reform of the income distribution system, we need to make the same effort from the two aspects of the initial distribution and redistribution. In these two areas, the government bears great responsibility.         in the initial distribution, should further improve the socialist market economy, make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, promote fair initial distribution. At present, China’s relatively sound market system, play a role more fully, but the production factor market is not perfect, the problems of monopoly, market segmentation and distortion and improper administrative intervention in different extent. This not only reduces the efficiency of the allocation of production factors, but also will bring unfair income distribution. For example, in the capital market, financing difficulties, financing expensive problem restricting the development of private enterprises, which lead to different ownership enterprises appear unreasonable worker income gap; in the labor market, there are still the urban and rural labor market segmentation, employment status and gender discrimination, unequal pay and other issues, the unreasonable income gap between will bring employment. To solve these problems, the need for further decentralization, creating all kinds of ownership enterprises in the market environment of fair competition; perfect market system, into a)相关的主题文章: