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Chinese fishing boat suspected by the Korean maritime police bombing Fire 3 people died in response to Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sohu news: the U.S. government recently asked to accelerate the unilateral sanctions against North korea. U.S. military side hinted that North Korea Korea Airlines actually assumed the task of transporting weapons of mass destruction, the United States is investigating this. Does China think Korea Airlines has problems? Any comment on this? A: China has been fully, accurately and seriously implementing the Security Council resolution on dprk. Our efforts are obvious to all. As we have repeatedly stressed, China supports the United Nations Security Council to further respond to North Korea’s nuclear test. At the same time, the reaction should point to clear, mainly for the North Korean nuclear activities, should be conducive to maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, is conducive to the realization of the denuclearization of the peninsula. Q: 29, China, Britain and France signed a Hinkley point nuclear power project agreement in london. What is China’s comment on the signing of the agreement? Answer: Hinkley point nuclear power project is in France in the three party an important achievement of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to reach the spirit. China welcomed the signing of the project agreement, which is in line with the interests of all parties. We are willing to work together with Britain and France, the Hinckley angle and have reached the following nuclear cooperation projects can be implemented smoothly, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Q: India says it has carried out a precise strike against the Kashmir border. Pakistan said it would retaliate. Yesterday, the Chinese side said that India and Pakistan at all levels of communication. Based on the situation in China, whether there will be new initiatives as Pakistan common neighbors and friends, we come to the relations between India and Pakistan continued tension and opposition to Japan even expressed concern, urged both sides to exercise restraint, avoid further exacerbate tensions in action. Hope that the two sides properly handle differences through dialogue and consultation, as soon as possible to cool the situation. Since the tensions between India and Pakistan, China and India and Pakistan have maintained communication, urged both sides to exercise restraint, strengthen dialogue and properly handle differences. China will continue according to developments in a proper way to do the work to promote peace talks. Q: it is reported that Chinese fishing boats caught fire in South Korea, killing 3 people. What is China’s attitude towards this? Answer: according to the current situation, the morning of September 29th, a China fishing in South Korean waters near Jeonnam on fire, 3 people China 17 crew on board, the remaining 14 people were rescued and rushed to a local hospital for examination and treatment. After the incident, the Consulate General in Kwangju Chinese is sent to the scene to understand the situation, the Ministry of foreign affairs and China embassy and consulates in South Korea have made representations to the ROK, South Korea asked the proper placement of the crew were rescued and save the victims of the remains of the crew involved, protection of fishing vessels and the scene of the fire, as soon as possible and combined to carry out a comprehensive, objective and impartial investigation of the accident. Ministry of foreign affairs and embassies and consulates in Korea will continue to do a good job related to the disposal and rehabilitation. Q: September 30th is the last day to apply to join the Asian infrastructure investment bank (AIIB). According to reports, many countries have applied to join the Asian investment bank. Do you know the details? A: on the latest situation of Asian investment bank, I do not know. I would like to provide you with. .相关的主题文章: