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Chinese desert is the largest fresh water lake in the next 10 years or 3 years for inter provincial water dry – Sohu news for 3 years, is the forecast for the next ten years will be dried up "or Chinese largest desert freshwater lake Hongjiannao, finally in October 19th to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reservoir upstream provinces water gate" — 1 million cubic meters. This means that the water level will rise by 3 cm, and its annual rate of decline is 30 to 60 cm. The Maowusu Desert lake is located in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi at the junction of nearly 80% in Shaanxi area. Over the years, Shaanxi will build the lake to throw out the well-known scenic spots, it is the world’s largest relictus breeding ground and dry habitats, facing Shaanxi alert, attributed to Inner Mongolia in the upstream of the dam closure. Inner Mongolia denies and strikes back on Shaanxi’s exclusive tourism resources. Mutual accusations between the Hongjiannao area of nearly 20 years has shrunk nearly half. Two provinces like a pair of love to kill the couple, the interests of the division is always the key. Once, they work together to fish, to be a sharp drop in fish, Shaanxi took the lead in the tourism industry, Inner Mongolia almost out. When the Shaanxi reservoir upstream is aware and hope to restart cooperation, Inner Mongolia once and then the two sides to discuss, not to say yes or no; Inner Mongolia release, Shaanxi was "3 years" is only 3 centimeters of water ", but Inner Mongolia insists he is an utterly inadequate measure" great efforts "". The Lake Village survival way with this tug of war and subversion. Because almost no fish, a large number of fishermen ashore boat, find another way, some even more than and 10 years ago bought a camel, to do the herdsmen. Do not put the national level can not solve." Two provinces respondents said that in the water resources of the desert edge, the contradiction between the upstream and downstream is not removed, difficult to break the dry predicament. The fishery resource sharing era Zhang is 61 years old, is the former Shaanxi Hongjiannao state fisheries workers. When in 70s the last century of his career, Hongjiannao water full of vigour, fertile fish fertilizer, catch sixty or seventy pounds of fish. What is not, even at night to steal the car to the lake fishing village, "a twenty or thirty pound net can shun". Peak period, a total of fifty or sixty fishing villagers worked together, and three or four people active in the fish farms. Fishery development almost represents the rise of hongjiannao. The lake has a "holy lake", in 30s only 1.3 square kilometers, after farmland drainage, severe floods, 60s increased sharply to 67 square kilometers, 70s basically stable at 60 mark". This is rare in the northwest sandstorm area. From the perspective of the administrative divisions of today, Shaanxi occupies about 80% of the surface of the lake, 90% lake, the other is Inner Mongolia. If the lake is roughly as triangle lake near Inner Mongolia Erdos northwest side of Yijinhuoluo, Eastern and southern boundaries are Shenmu county in Shaanxi Yulin. The former director Yang Fengming told Chinese fishery Youth Daily reporter? Youth online, 1958, two people in Hebei found the Hongjiannao fishery value, they do the procedure, built in Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia fishing ground on both sides, one of the eight farm in Shaanxi under the Yulin fishing ground of the Malian River Farm, "initially relatively simple,相关的主题文章: