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"Chinese Bridge" contracting a Chinese culture of "Olympic" – Sohu   " entertainment; Chinese culture as the theme of the Olympic Games; " Sohu entertainment news September 11th 19:35 Hunan TV "Chinese Bridge" aired in the second period, from the Chinese and foreign competition program in the form of "5D to answer", "Chinese characters mahjong" and other interesting links to all Chinese god questions are by the netizens rave reviews. Chinese Bridge Program has gone through 15 years, from the cultural programs in a small sapling grow into towering trees, in the process of the "Chinese Bridge" advancing innovation, pure talent competition from the beginning of the foreign players to join the outdoor reality show elements to return to studio this year Department of culture inside competition. "Every change and improvement of the Chinese Bridge are closer to the original intention of the program started, every time do not forget to adhere to the beginning of the heart will bring you a surprise continuously. The fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" World University Games Chinese made a "return" innovation in one fell swoop, return to the studio, the studio insisted on cultural quizzes program done purely, do fun, to achieve the ultimate. A variety of cultural programs, clean "a" team as a personal independence of conduct "international events," Chinese Bridge "on the Chinese language and cultural exchange and promotion of the mission, so it is a" clean ", after the two programs aired, many viewers said that reading can be more to understand the true state of foreigners learning Chinese and found himself in the daily life of the" knowledge scotoma "and" rise of knowledge". After the program still has the audience to finish chewing, which is the goal of the program. At the same time, the "Chinese Bridge" is a show to the audience, so it must be interesting, compared to the serious cultural programs, "Chinese Bridge" is absolutely "as a foreigner to personal independence of conduct", as the protagonist of the culture quiz show, how to forget the beginning of the foundation of heart, adhere to culture’s position to show do not dull is a problem. But the "Chinese Bridge" program group all whimsy successfully for the program content and form into a lot of innovation, content to the famous song can be used as a listening test under the Chinese logic to daily interesting dialogue, form join foreign competition, add "5D" answer "Chinese characters mahjong" and other new links. However, in the form of content innovation, Chinese elements never go far, "the answer is" 5D "through back to the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty flourishing scene vividly show in front of people," Chinese characters based on "mahjong" is the quintessence of "mahjong with Chinese characters word elements. Clash of world culture, Chinese culture as the theme of the "Olympic" of the "Chinese Bridge" of 146 players from 108 countries and regions around the world to participate in a Chinese said as the theme of the program in the world has been ideological and cultural collision, "in the eyes of 1000 individuals have 1000 Hamlett, 1000 a foreigner’s eyes also have 1000 kinds of views and understanding of Chinese culture. Here a group of Chinese as the second foreign language to find the "Chinese Bridge" this.相关的主题文章: