Chinese and Finnish experts gathered in Zhuhai to explore educational innovation-gigolos

In both countries, experts gathered in Zhuhai to explore the innovation of Education – Beijing new network in Zhuhai in October 23, (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) Finland joint learning innovation Institute "learning and wisdom" high-end forum held in Beijing Normal University, Zuhai from 23 to 25, attracted from China and Finland nearly two hundred university researchers, and teachers in schools. The forum will focus on children and adolescents’ mental health and happy learning, the future education in the Internet era, the education quality assurance in China, and the future development of teachers. In order to promote the comprehensive development of the educational cooperation between Beijing Normal University, China University as the lead unit, Finland University of Helsinki in Finland as the lead unit, the two teamed up with Chinese and Finland universities and enterprises work together to implement the "Finland Learning Paradise" plan. It is understood that, as a part of China and Finland cooperation in education content, Finland joint learning innovation Institute officially launched in May 2016, has 5 centers: Finland study innovation center, Finland Learning Paradise experience center, Finland teacher training center, Finland education information technology center, Finland double degree joint the center will focus on the development of the education system, learning and innovation and learning industry development cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: