China to start the construction of offshore nuclear power plant reactor experiment will supply elect viper12a

Chinese start offshore nuclear power plant reactor construction will supply the original title: Chinese Island started floating ACPR50S experimental reactor in nuclear power station construction will supply the island according to public reports, 4 pm, CGN spokesman Huang Xiaofei announced at a news conference, China Guangdong nuclear power and Dongfang Electric Limited by Share Ltd held in the morning of the Guangdong science and technology conference, signed the "ACPR50S" China Guangdong nuclear power reactor pressure vessel platform project procurement agreement ", which means the widespread attention of the small pile of ACPR50S cnpec offshore construction officially started, China’s offshore nuclear power plant construction has entered a new era. According to the official website of cnpec pictures platform officially launched the China Guangdong nuclear power reactor at sea, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute deputy chief engineer of small reactor designer Rui min introduced at a news conference, ACPR50S is China Guangdong Nuclear Power Development of offshore floating nuclear power plant, is a mature large onshore commercial PWR nuclear power plant for reference, based on the mature technology of nuclear power equipment with mature technology, marine facilities, comprehensive distributed energy system of marine development meets the highest nuclear safety requirements and marine user requirements. Rui Min said, "the combination of ACPR50S and other clean distributed energy, can effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply of marine energy, for the exploitation of marine resources, the island residents living and production activities to provide sufficient power and thermal energy and water supply, solid foundation for laying Kennedy energy surrounding sea development activities." In December 2015, the national development and Reform Commission approved the ACPR50S reactor construction, according to the national development and Reform Commission issued a document required to actively promote the construction of ACPR50S, China Guangdong nuclear power reactor, the bidding work of reactor pressure vessel reactor key components has been completed. "The signing of pressure vessel purchase agreement, marked the China Guangdong Nuclear Power ACPR50S offshore platform for the construction of the experimental reactor was officially launched." During the 13th Five-Year completion of the whole project according to the sea in the ocean in a small pile of conventional energy has a good economy, modular design and construction in the field can reduce installation and manufacturing work, shorten the construction period and reduce the construction costs. Now the island’s electricity is mainly diesel generators, each kwh of electricity more than 3 yuan. Rui Min said that the first reactor economy reactor is much lower than this figure, the mass after more competitive. ACPR50S batch production, the cost of 4 units can be reduced by about 25%, the economy will be further improved." According to Rui min introduction, floating nuclear power plant construction period influencing manufacturing cycle is still the most main reactor equipment manufacturing, which is the longest period of reactor pressure vessel. As a result, the ACPR50S reactor pressure vessel signed a purchase agreement, indicating that ACPR50S has officially entered the construction phase, marking the official start of the construction of ACPR50S. "In 13th Five-Year the completion of the whole project, completed in 2021, charging verification." "Internet plus nuclear power extended to the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry" with the signing of China Guangdong nuclear power and Shanghai electric nuclear power "framework agreement" to jointly promote smart, handsome intelligent construction of nuclear power in China相关的主题文章: