China to aid Nepal to repair damaged cultural relics in earthquake cagliari exchange

The new network of cultural relics in Lanzhou in September 22nd – Xinhua news China will aid repair damaged Nepal earthquake (reporter Tu Guoxi) National Bureau of cultural relics Liu Yuzhu day before the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) international cultural exhibition, Chinese Nepal government will repair damaged in the earthquake in Kathmandu Durbar Square nine storey Temple project started in December this year. Liu Yuzhu said, the government is China according to the countries along the Silk Road, China play in technology, talent and experience, a planned and focused with countries and regions along together to carry out joint archaeological and cultural relics protection project, combined with the inscription, personnel training, cultural relics exhibition cooperation projects. Among them, 8.1 earthquake occurred in 2015 after the Chinese Nepal government organization, professional force first time to go to Nepal, Nepal understanding on post quake reconstruction assistance project construction plan and specific demands, determine the Kathmandu Durbar Square nine storey Temple restoration project included in the overall planning of post earthquake reconstruction assistance China aid to nepal. December 2016, the repair project is about to start. According to reports, in 2016 Chinese should the local government request will start or officially started the project, and after the earthquake in Burma Bagan cultural relics restoration project in Uzbekistan and khorezm cultural relics protection restoration project. In addition, China will continue to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries to jointly carry out the investigation of the port site and shipwreck excavation.相关的主题文章: