Chengmai drug addicts will be 1 years old daughter thrown into the reservoir died, criminal

Chengmai drug addicts will be more than 1 years old daughter thrown into the reservoir died, criminal detention, South China Sea network, Nanhai network client Chengmai September 19th news (South China Sea network reporter Jiang Fei) Hainan Chengmai county a drug man will be 1 years old daughter thrown into the reservoir, resulting in child deaths. September 19th afternoon, Chengmai County Public Security Bureau informed the literati town "9· 18" Wang Mouxin was thrown into the reservoir of death cases. Wang Moulin, a suspect, was tested positive for urine and has been under criminal detention. September 18th morning 11 am, a woman Dengmou to Chengmai County Public Security Bureau police station said the literati, her husband Wang Moulin his 16 month old daughter Wang Mouxin in Chengmai county is located in the Honggang farm (three agricultural ridge) south near the reservoir, dead or alive, to investigate. After receiving the alarm, Chengmai County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the instructions by the deputy director of criminal investigation led the police, intelligence, network police and other business departments rushed to the scene, and asked the Chengmai fire brigade quickly to the scene search and rescue. The Confucianism police station to the scene to the police search and rescue, and arrange the police rushed to the Wang Lin in the control. This is also the first time the town government town and town cadres, village cadres and other organizations rushed to the rescue scene, and invited the rescue team came to support the blue sky. After salvage, Wang Mouxin’s body was finally recovered at 10:30 a.m. on September 19th. The Chengmai police initially identified, 18 on the morning of 10 pm, the suspect Wang Moulin (male, aged 31, Wen Ru Zhen Pai Po Garden Village) riding a motorcycle carrying his wife Deng and 2 daughters came to the south reservoir, delirious Wang Moulin suddenly picked up the little daughter after a rubber plantation, ran to the south shore of the reservoir into the water pool, and prevent the wife rescue, then Wang Moulin riding a motorcycle back home.

澄迈吸毒男子将1岁多女儿扔进水库致死 被刑事拘留   南海网、南海网客户端澄迈9月19日消息(南海网记者 姜飞)海南澄迈县一吸毒男子将1岁多的亲生女儿扔进水库,导致孩子死亡。9月19日下午,澄迈县公安局通报了文儒镇“9·18”王某欣被扔进水库死亡案件。犯罪嫌疑人王某林尿液检测呈阳性,目前已被刑事拘留。   9月18日上午11时许,一女子邓某到澄迈县公安局文儒派出所报警称,其丈夫王某林将自己16个月大的小女儿王某欣扔进了位于澄迈县红岗农场农科所(三家岭)附近的南方水库中,生死不明,要求查处。接到报警后,澄迈县公安局高度重视,指令由分管刑侦的副局长带领刑警、情报、网警等业务部门的工作人员赶赴现场,并要求澄迈消防大队迅速到现场搜救。文儒派出所民警先出警到案发现场进行搜救,同时安排民警赶赴王某林家中将其控制。文儒镇委镇政府也第一时间组织镇干部、村委干部等赶到现场搜救,并邀请蓝天救援队赶来支援。经多方打捞,最终于9月19日上午10时30分许打捞出王某欣的尸体。   经澄迈警方初步查明,18日上午10时许,犯罪嫌疑人王某林(男、现年31岁,文儒镇排坡园村人)骑摩托车载着妻子邓某和2个女儿来到南方水库,神志不清的王某林突然抱起小女儿经过橡胶林,跑到南方水库岸边将其扔进水库中,并阻止妻子施救,接着王某林骑摩托车回到家中。相关的主题文章: